RVNDRIVE – Make Me A Liar: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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RVNDRIVE – Make Me A Liar: Hot Out The Oven Records Release

The deep house spectrum of sound just got a whole-helluva lot deeper with RVNDRIVE’s newest track titled ‘Make Me A Liar‘ which the label of ‘sweet and heat’ – Hot Out The Oven Records is behind releasing. Trust us, when we say this is the track of the month… no, this is the track of the season; we mean it. From start to finish you are wiping the sweat from your forehead as it just reaccumulates. Get to the dance floor, and pronto!

RVNDRIVE mixes in the highs, lows, and ultimately a thumping bass that just takes the cake as the real house track on the beat right now. Before you can get your knickers out of the current bunch they are succumbed to, the track slows down in a moody trap BPM and you get the real grit to the release.

In no time, we get the speed revved back up and RVNDRIVE gets us back on our feet to end this puppy on a great note. We highly recommend this 10/10 rocking deep house track out on Hot Out The Oven Records‘ brutal arsenal of magnificent tunes.

[ Interview: RVNDRIVE ]

Q1: Welcome, RVNDRIVE! Can you dissect your name and your origin story for us?

A1: Thank you! I have been a musician since a young kid and it has always been my passion. I have had multiple music projects in my life but I was ready for something new. When I was thinking of new project ideas I realized I wanted to make sure everything about my music related to my life. So, when I was thinking of my name, I came up with the street name that I grew up on since it was where my musical journey began. The street I grew up on is called Rand Drive. I didn’t like how it looked when I created my logo so I decided to go by RVNDRIVE.  

Q2: If you had to describe your music to someone who has never listened to it, how would you?

A2: I would say it is like a creature that keeps on evolving. I have so many different musical influences, so my music will never sound the same. I think most people can find something they enjoy in my music. 

Q3: ‘Make Me A Liar’ is out on Hot Out The Oven Records! What made you pick HOTOR for this deep house selection? 

A3: Honestly, I went with HOTOR because they show so much love to their artist. You can see how much the HOTOR crew cares about what they do. They are all such amazing people and I wouldn’t want my first release coming out on any other label.  

Q4: In what ways do you plan to make 2021 immensely spectacular for your fans and listeners?

A4:I have a lot of exciting things I am working on for 2021. I am working with an amazing singer/songwriter and we are dropping at least 2 tracks in 2021. I am collaborating with two other very talented producers, so get ready for some great tunes coming in 2021!

 Q5: Who is killing it on your radar? Give them a mighty RVNDRIVE shout-out!

A5:10BREWS is killing it! He has some great tutorials and some sick remixes. Check him out for sure!


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