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If you nestle in the realm and spectrum of soft instrumentals, lyrical bliss, and soundscapes that push soul into the electronic dance music world, than this track titled ‘Got That‘ from electropop duo Lucky Coin. This debut release from the duo is a peak performance that intertwines a fervent approach to dance music and adding the easy-to-listen Top 40 vibes to catch audiences of all kinds.

The fusion of Matthew Rapp’s vocals and lyricism layered in with the exponential production skills from producer TJ is is what keeps the listeners attention and ear piqued. This type of cohesive material is few and far between, and when it hits and resonates, it is there to stay. You become a fan instantly in those moments, and this is that time.

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“Never gonna stop ‘till I got that, got that?”

You can feel both artists authenticity in their installation to the final product. Not only in the breathless nature of where it leaves you but when listening through the track analytically and passively. A feeling is felt.


Relatable lyrics, aeriated soundscapes, melodic structure, paired with hip-hop influenced drums is all the checks on your checklist you need for any electropop fan, new and old!

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