The Deadliest Headliner, Fentanyl [Industry News/Opinion]

Fentanyl Ravages The Rave & Festival Communities – We Ask Why Nothing Is Being Done + What You Can Do To Prevent Overdose or Death

Cloud Coverage By: Sarahi Pelayo

Raves are back in full effect as ravers are submerging from their hibernation from the pandemic. There have been numerous successful events thrown by event companies such as Insomniac, Legend Excision, Golden Voice, and so many more. Now that the pandemic is partially over, people are more inclined to continue to attend these festivals. There seems to be a  certain headliner that keeps resurfacing at each event, fentanyl.

Fentanyl is no stranger to the EDM community as it continues to make headlines claiming the lives of many. This opioid epidemic is something the United States and many other countries have been facing when it comes to the party scene. Now more than ever this crisis has become more deadly as many party favors have been tested to contain a deadly amount of fentanyl. Common party favors that have been coming back positive but are not limited to are cocaine, MDA, Ketamine.

ARC Music Festival pictured above

If fentanyl has been around the community for years then it begs the question – Why isn’t anyone doing anything?

Many organizations have been stepping up along with founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella. Just recently Pasquale has partnered with a non-profit, End Overdose. Not only were they present at the recent Escape event but they will be present at every Insomniac event to help combat the overdose of fentanyl, and better yet Insomnia will allow festival goers to bring in naloxone(narcan). This Must Be The Place, is an non-profit organization that not only helps music festivals but as well as prisons, schools and “wherever we [they] are needed the most”.

Since fentanyl has been at its all time high as of recent news, it is refreshing to see so many organizations stepping up to fight this battle. It’s easy to disregard testing your party favors but it’s crucial in today’s world if you want to keep raving safely amongst your friends. Don’t skip the testing and make a decision that can severely impact your life and the life of others.

If you’re unable to find a testing place or obtain a test kit you can also buy them on Amazon, the lowest prices start at $6. No party favor or rave is worth your life or someone else’s. It is the responsibility of the raving community to take it upon themselves to test everything, no matter if your friend says “trust me” gives it to you. As raving continues to become popular we must continue to instill PLUR and to continue to always rave responsibly by testing party favors.

Rainbow Fentanyl Picture, DEA

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