Jane Doe Delivers Her Explosive Drum N’ Bass Guest Mix & Stops To Chat [Artist Interview]

South Australian DNB Rising Producer Jane Doe Stops To Chat & Drops Off Her Wild Neurofunk & Drum N’ Bass Guest Mix

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Let’s Chat w/
Jane Doe

Q1: Welcome to our storm Jane Doe! What can you tell us about your journey into electronic music? Where did it all begin?

Jane Doe: Thank you for having me! 

The journey began when I was a kid. I was addicted to playing Music 2000 and eJay on the PlayStation and spent hours building and arranging tracks. Amazingly those tracks are still in existence! I recorded them by running the PlayStation through the family stereo (a Technics amp no less!) and those funny little tracks are on a cassette in my box of treasures!

I remembered this funny thing recently too, I’m pretty sure I did my first remix in 8th grade music class!.  I remixed ‘Heart and Soul’ by taking the class keyboard home and layering sounds by recording and layering the additional sounds over and over on a little tape deck.

It was in the happy hard-core style and I played it to the class when it was finished. 

Everyone was well confused about what they were listening to haha

I always thought it would be great to produce music properly but never had the time to dedicate to the craft. However 4 years ago my life path changed in a way to allow me to truly sink my claws into it.

I had no one in my orbit that produced at the time, so I am completely self-taught and luckily had a good feel for DnB to kick it off fairly easily.

I started releasing some tracks on SoundCloud, just dabbling and having fun and by late 2021/2022 I managed to get a bit more polished in my productions, gain some attention and commenced releasing with labels!

Q2: We are elated to have featured on a guest mix! What can you tell us about this mix and how it all came together?

Jane Doe: This high-octane mix kicks off with a spicy blend of the 5 tracks from ‘Lab Test 1 – DNA Profiling’ (CVT011), that’s fresh out of the lab from the dynamic new Neurofunk label, COVET.

I launch into the mix with my own track Radiate’ which is featured as the first track on the EP then following with the other ferocious EP tracks by KASVO, Caliban, YZMIKH & Formidian and M4.

After the EP showcase, it’s onward to drop some heavy gems by my favourite studio whizzes at the moment including Clusta, Transforma, Sollist, Formidian and Jhofre & Vichoff. 

In my typical style, the mix is high energy and relentless but retaining enough texture and feeling in the selections to keep the listeners locked in!

Q3: What does Jane Doe have up her sleeve for us in the near future? What can we expect from you?

Jane Doe: 6th of May heralds the release of Lab Test 1: DNA Profiling EP with the label COVET in which I have the track ‘Radiate’ featured!

This is the launch of an EP series by COVET: Lab Test 1 through to Lab Test 4, each containing x5 tracks over the next 6 – 8 months.

This series is inspired by elements of Sci-fi, high tech, human lab testing- with COVET showcasing what amazing neuro bangers humans can create when put to the test.

You also will hear something completely out of character from me in the next week too!

My dear friend PANs LABOR made something pretty unique that’s coming out on MadChill Records on the 8th of May.

I seriously still don’t know how to describe this track but we love it! Think unique drum and bass with trap vibe. It’s experimental, it’s happy, its heavy, it’s cute…seemingly incompatible elements ….but somehow it works! 

Q4: 2023 has a long way until it is over. What’s in store for the rest of the year for you as an artist? 

Jane Doe: I have some more Neurofunk releases coming out this year and as well as a heavy tech style release and another Liquid DnB track.

I plan to continue to developing a solid footing in the Neurofunk world and expand my horizons in sound design as well as on continuing my journey as a DJ and bring you guys the high energy, face melting vibes I love so much.


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