Capochino – Make U Wanna Say: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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Capochino – Make U Wanna Say: Hot Out The Oven Records Release

[Austin-based] electronic purveyor of production, Capochino takes hold, tightens his grip and squeezes the living soul out of your very senses with ‘Make U Wanna Say‘. Hot off the conveyor belt of beats, Hot Out The Oven Records sears the edges and brings you a delicacy only fit for the upper-echelon of enthusiasts.

Capochino, fresh off his ensemble of notable appearances, sets, and all-around ability to stop anyone in their tracks for a good time. Get comfortable, grab a chair, and prepare for a session of salacious sound selection and wholesome dancing. This is the app, entrée, and dessert.

Creative-writer Tate Beumel wrote:

Well, Capochino has outdone himself with this track folks. The structure of this song from beginning to
end is full and carries a dark, ambience to it throughout the many changing elements. The first drop is a slow paced, more aggressive sound with some added melody. Then, you are brought back to that mysterious, dark vibe as you are lead into the second drop. The more upbeat, vibrant drum n’ bass pattern makes the body move and the dancing begin. This is truly remarkable all the way through, keep an eye out on this audio master for future releases!

Creative-writer Krystle Skyye thought:

Capochino really ‘Make U Wanna Say’ YES to this one in this heavy hitting bass track. Brought to you by Hot Out The Oven Records, this track brings nothing but fire and heat the whole entire time! Starting out a little soft and slow at first, this tune then jumps into a very upbeat EDM vibe. The build-up in this song is really quite interesting and lays the groundwork for a unique and intense drop that is sure to catch any bass music lovers’ attention!  The vocals used in this really do a great job of complimenting the song’s whole entire sound and design. Capochino really displays some beautiful artistry with this production and is certainly one up-and-coming musician to be keeping our eyes and ears on for sure.


What else? We thought you’d never ask…

[Listen to Make U Wanna Say]

[Interview: Capochino]

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Q1: Welcome to our torrential storm! What can you tell us about your musical origin story? When did this begin for you, Capochino?

A1: I first started producing around the beginning of 2016 just watching YouTube tutorials. At the same time, I also taught myself how to DJ and tried to play whatever parties/events I could at my college. After a couple of years, I realized I actually loved doing this and decided to take it seriously, so I enrolled in Icon Collective‘s online program, where I learned a ton, met other amazing artists, and graduated at the end of 2019!

Q2: Your new track ‘Make U Wanna Say‘ just came out on Hot Out The Oven Records! Congratulations! How are you feeling about it now that is released!

A2: Thanks! I’m so excited it’s finally out! Really happy everyone gets to enjoy it! I made this track at the beginning of the pandemic and saved it for the right moment. I’m especially proud of this track cause it got played on Insomniac Radio last year! That was a really cool moment.

Q3: Hot Out The Oven Records has been at the helm of releasing undeniably great tracks, and quite consistently! How did you know they were the label for you? 

A3:  Yes, they’ve had some sick releases and I’m glad one of my songs gets to be part of that too! First of all, I love the name “Hot Out The Oven“! Also, I loved the idea of them being a new label from Austin, and I’m a new artist from Austin! How cool is it that we get to work and grow together? And more importantly, I can tell the Baked Up team really cares about artists and the music.

Q4: What is next in your plans for 2021? 

A4: Well the pandemic forced me to focus completely on production, so as we start to recover from that and open back up, I want to play some shows and play all this music I’ve made in the past year, which is a lot.

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Q5: What sort of creative process did you undertake to pump out ‘Make U Wanna Say’? 

A5: Make U Wanna Say was inspired by a rock/metal playlist that I was listening to at the time during my workouts. I felt inspired by one specific guitar solo I heard. At the beginning of the process, I just tried to make a sound on Serum that sounded kind of like a distorted electric guitar and made a riff from it, then built out the song around that.

Q6: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a good ol’ fashioned Capochino shout-out!


A6: Of course I gotta shout out some Texas artists: M3NACE for sure! Really great person, makes some insane dubstep! Also D.R.O.I.D., a very talented vocalist and songwriter, and a great guy as well. He’s featured in the track I have coming out next! Go check them out!


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