Helix – Crescendo: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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[Texas-based] house music producer who goes by Helix unravels a devilishly fun and vigorous track from the label at Hot Out The Oven Records, and by golly, it is hot to the touch.
Blaring with evenly dispersed hits and punches to really jam in the energy. From front to back, this track beckons the volume to be hit a notch or two upside the head! The samples and mini-pieces of spice are laced through and through. When you are gearing up for a UK Bass get-down, this track really maintains the elemental and structural need and wants any house-head deserves.

Hot Out The Oven Records really cooked up a delightful treat this go around for us! Helix undeniably takes the cake for the sugar-high of the week. Which we all have been calling for! Preheat the oven, get your s**t together because Helix puts the proof in the pudding with ‘Crescendo‘.

[Listen to Crescendo]

[Interview: Helix]

Welcome to our thundercloud. We are excited to have you. Before we electrify the audience with your new track ‘Crescendo‘, let’s touch on some introductory notes first. Let’s dive in.  

Q1: For our readers and your new soon-to-be fans, what can you tell us about Helix, your music, and where it all began? 

A1: Helix started when I was in high school. I was always the guy at the parties by the AUX cord playing music off my phone. Eventually the phone turned into a laptop w the free app virtual DJ. I was DJing house parties with just a laptop and some computer speakers with a little sub for the longest time. One of the parties I was DJing at one night, I was approached by this local rapper. He told me he needed a DJ for his show with Afroman. So I agreed, cluelessly. Told my mom about it the next day and she got me a decent dj controller. I spent all night messing with it and killed the afroman show. That was my first big gig. It was a real eye opener for me. After that I ended up playing raves at a classic venue in sa (white rabbit) and I started to notice how saturated the local DJ scene was and I wanted to seperate myself from everyone. So then I began producing around 2013-2014. With the help of my buddy keith. (s/o LAZY K) he showed me alot when I first started. And it’s all up from there! I started playing bigger shows, releasing on labels, traveling more. Helix (and music in general) is an outlet for me to express all my emotions.

Q2: ‘Crescendo‘ is out now on Hot Out The Oven RecordsWhat made this track and their label seem like the cohesive fit and mainstay? 

A2: Man, one day i was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a post from the label regarding demo submissions. I’ve always had a lot of love and respect for Sydney and the whole baked up gang. So I figured why not shoot my shot. Originally, Crescendo was a track called “putchabak” and it had some vocals that were not cleared. I still submitted it because I personally thought it was a banger. But when I heard back from them that they wanted to sign it, a few things needed to be corrected (obviously). 

Q3: How would/can you describe ‘Crescendo‘ to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet? 

A3: Crescendo can be described as a bass-heavy house tune with some UK house influences.

Q4: 2021 is virtually unwritten. In addition to ‘Crescendo‘, In what ways do you plan to make this year exceedingly impressionable not only for yourself but for your growing fanbase? 

A4: I just really want to make this year great overall. More music, new merch drop, better content, bigger releases. The grind really never stops. 

Q5: Who do you see putting in the blood, sweat, and grit daily? Give them a healthy Helix shoutout! 

A5: BLAIZE hands down. Austin, I see you dog!


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