Kause – Tussle: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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[Texas-based] Kause steps into our storm swinging! The electrically-charged track at hand titled ‘Tussle’ from Kause is a dark, bass-forward, and alarmingly well-designed showdown of energy out now with our favorite folks, Hot Out The Oven Records.

Right off the bat, ‘Tussle‘ makes its presence known. The sirens and instantaneous build-up create an environment of neck-breaking goodness and the rest of your body gets to work. The hard punches and layering in the track, backed by those fiery and fierce samples; brings you to a moment of appreciation from front to back. High-energy moments, bass laced with in the entirety of the art, to the delivery of suspense are all here and on point.

This dubstep/riddim track (clarifying as you will) is the real deal. Clearly, the bass, depth, and gut-wrenching beat build-ups are the key and core notes here. You muster all your might to not start breaking things around you, as if the music takes control. Wiping sweat off your forehead, whilst remaining breathless, carrying yourself through the listen. Jaw-dropped, easily.

Kause grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. The sheer magnitude of skill and articulation is apparent and we can only assume the future of Kause’s is bright and luminous. As for Hot Out The Oven Records, they keep delivering heat, goodies, and awe-inspiring talent to the masses with their influence; we can assure our audience they (as well) are unstoppable.

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[Interview: Kause]


Q1: Welcome! Get stoked to get soaked with us! Where does and did the same Kause derive from?

A1: Originally when I first started to DJ my name was “Lost Cause”, at the time I was trying to find a name that went with my style of music at the time. Over time my style changed and one of my best friends recommended that I just change my name to “Kause”. The name was super simple and unique and now is apart of my identity. 


Q2: Where can you trace the cord back to the wall with dance music? Where did this all begin?

A2: I had always listened to EDM since I was in middle school. I played a couple of instruments and always had a desire for music. When I attended college was when I really got to experience more shows and festivals and instantly fell in love with the music, culture, and the people!


Q3: On the contrary, where do you see yourself in 5 years? What does that 2026 look like?

A3: I love questions like this but I can never answer them without mentioning my friends. I want to be with all the people that helped me get to where I am now. It’s an amazing journey being able to grow a brand, and all I can really say is that in 5 years I hope to have my Vivid Productions team with me playing at all the latest festivals and venues. 


Q4: The track at hand ‘Tussle‘ is out on Hot Out The Oven Records. When and how did you know this label was the home for your release?

A4: My motto is “support gets support.” I have known the Baked Up crew for a while and have always been the nicest people. My track “Tussle” was one of my first few tracks I ever produced and I wanted to share it with a local label. I know Baked Up has some of the most talented artists in Texas and I felt that submitting my track to “Hot Out The Oven Records” it would allow me to get some quality feedback. At the end of the day, there are standards for accepting tracks and I felt that if I could land a track with Baked Up, I knew my hard work was starting to pay off. 


Q5: In what ways would you describe it to someone who hasn’t listened to it?

A5: Suspense and “I was not expecting that” have been the normal response when played out at shows. If you are a bass head this is definitely the track for you!


Q6: What is a fun fact you want your listeners and fans to know about you?

A6: I’m definitely always open to talk to anyone about anything! I am very grateful for anyone who supports me and always is willing to show the love back! You won’t ever see me in the green room but instead on the dance floor supporting those who are pushing to achieve the same goals as me.


Q7: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a caressing Kause shout-out!

A7: Huge shout out to Jorge Toscano , Switchbladedave, M4RTINI, Katerina, my girlfriend Priscilla, CAB, jvvz. , the Vivid Productions Team and more importantly everyone who has and continues to support me! 


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