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Please welcome Jvmpskare to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is Jvmpskare? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: I got my name from playing the Five Nights at Freddy‘s series. I’d always been a fan of gore and horror so I wanted to have something to represent that. I base most of my sound design and overall process for my name and brand on Chronology.

Q2: Being a Virginia Beach resident must be fun with all the extra tourism and additional heads (when shows were in action). Do you feel the environment you are in helps with exposure and recognition?

A2: Not particularly as the scene here is mostly tourist style music, from Deep Dub to experimental music, which isn’t my preferred style of music.

Q3: Walk us through Clockbass to the best of your ability. What can you say went into that track as far as mental and physical demand goes?

A3: I’d say with this track, I wanted something that represented my sound-style, which I named after the song itself, the Clockbass style. I wanted something heavy and kind of syncopated while also being melodic and emotional. I wanted people to feel what I felt going into this track and I think overall I succeeded in doing so!

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020? What about anticipate for 2021?

A4: I have roughly 2 more releases that I’m very excited about for the remainder of 2020. For next year I can definitely say I have a goal to bring a well polished out sound that I know returning fans and new ones will definitely enjoy!

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out!

A5: I think from a personal perspective, the one person that stands out to me the most when it comes to making moves non-stop in my area is Andre Palace! That guy works hard and has the energy we all need!

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