Sonny C – Keep On Thinking: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Texas-based] house music artist Sonny C leaves us jaw-dropped and ready for more with his utmost fresh release on Hot Out The Oven Records titled ‘Keep On Thinking. For any house-head or overall upbeat dance music aficionado, this is definitely the rump shaker for you. Keep the energy alive, keep the volume high, and most importantly ‘Keep On Thinking’.

Sonny C downright uses elements, notes, and samples correctly and cohesively. ‘Keep On Thinking‘ is a fun and jovial jam, instantly putting you in dance-mode. You can assuredly appreciate the deeper spectrum of house music with this release. The vocal samples and ‘thumpy’ hits from the bass take you right to the dance floor, with arms wide open, this track is ready for a feverish night on the town.

From front to back the energy is here. Your head and hips get right to work, swaying and swinging, asking for more movement. Hot Out The Oven Records just added a new level of luxury with Sonny C‘s house-heater ‘Keep On Thinking‘. You can find yourself in a variety of situations where this track would not only be fitting but would be cinematic to play it out. Whether racing downtown in a neon cityscape or power-shopping in the grocery store (aggressively I might add); it’s just the right amount of conventional. No matter the place, person or situation; ‘Keep On Thinking‘ has the spunk and hyper-like energy to adhere to anyone and their house-forward needs.


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[Interview: Sonny C]

Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be-fans, what can you tell us about your origin in dance music? Where did it all begin for Sonny C?

A1: I grew up in a musical household and was exposed to all sorts of music from an early age. However, I didn’t start getting into dance music until I was in college, around 2010. I think it started like a lot of people in that era- tons of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Kaskade, Deadmau5, and lots of others. As I graduated and started going to festivals around 2013, I was drawn immediately to a wide range of dance music genres and fell in love with artists like Flume, Odesza, Madeon, Rufus Du Sol, Bob Moses, and Disclosure. The last few years are where I have really seen my journey into house music of all sorts take shape, and where I find a lot of my listening as well as production taking me. 

photo courtesy of: Baked Up

Q2: What is your outlook on the industry at large? What is on your mind in regard to the collective community and scene as a whole in these times?

A2: I think the dance music scene, in general, is in a really good place, and I love the variety of genres that are getting attention these days. Here in Austin, local promoters have done a really good job of bringing a wide array of artists to town and taking risks on booking people that aren’t necessarily in the mainstream (especially Baked Up!) On a larger scale like ACL even you have artists like REZZ, for example, being booked for prime time slots and I don’t think that necessarily would have been the case a few years ago. I also love that a lot of artists seem to be taking more risks with their sound and not pigeonholing themselves into keeping the same soundtrack after track. 

Q3: What has been your favorite memory or experience in this culture?

A3: Honestly, it’s the people that this journey has led me to meet (that is my favorite part). I have formed relationships with so many amazing people through the dance music scene that I would not have had the opportunity of meeting otherwise. This scene has brought so many genuine souls into my life, and I am incredibly thankful for that.

Q4: What sort of aspirations do you have as an artist? What is the ideal vision?

A4: My number one aspiration is producing music that elicits emotion in others. While I hope a lot of people listen to my tracks and appreciate them, even if a track of mine causes only one person to feel some way I will feel fulfilled. Music is such a powerful medium in my life and so many other people’s lives too. I just want to try my best in doing my part to leave a contribution of my own since I have taken so much from music in my own life. Meeting amazing people is pretty cool too! So I also hope I continue to get the opportunity to make new connections and strengthen those I have made up to this point. 

Q5: What was the mental processing like when you would return to this track in production? Was this a tough track to make?  

A5: This was one of those fortunate tracks that actually came together super quick for the most part. I probably had 75% of the idea down in about 5-6 hours. The whole thing really started around two main components which are that sort of metallic bass sound you hear in the drop, and then the vocal. Once I had those and laid down the drums, most of the heavy lifting was done. I continued to tweak small things here and there for a couple of weeks, but the majority of the track came together super quick! 

Q6: What is a message you’d like to leave to your listeners and fans? What about a fun fact? 

A6: First and foremost, I just want to say thank you to anyone and everyone for listening to this track! And a HUGE thank you to the Baked Up team for believing in this track and giving me the opportunity to get this song out to ears everywhere. As for a fun fact, one of the first instruments I ever picked up was the trombone. I’m currently learning how to play the piano, but once I get a hold of that I would love to come back to brass instruments and include them in my future productions! Be on the lookout for some sultry trombone in the future.

Q7: Your track Keep On Thinking is a spectacle in sound! What went into that track, creatively? 

A7: There were a couple of key influential factors that went into this track! First, I really love tracks with funky bass design, and designing the bassline and bass sound are my favorite parts of making any track. I have a big affinity for Acid House and a lot of 80’s music in general, and I was inspired by the sort of metallic and heavily synthesized sounds of that genre and era. I also love a good vocal hook and wanted to keep that front and center as well. The lyric is all about that thing that is stuck in your head and you can’t get it out – whether that’s another person, a feeling you have, a song you heard, or whatever. I wanted to stick to that theme with this sort of repetitive, grungy bassline backing the vocal. 

Q8: What made your beliefs concrete that this release was meant for Hot Out The Oven Records

A8: The Baked Up team is such an amazing team and has done so much for not only me personally, but many other local artists and the scene as a whole. One of my favorite things about Sydney and the team has always been the wide variety of artists and sounds they book for shows. This is what first drew me to Baked Up shows as a fan, even before I found myself lucky enough to be on lineups of theirs. Then it was no surprise that when the team launched their record label, they stuck to this and started releasing tracks from all sorts of genres. I knew Baked Up had cultivated a community that was not only open to many different genres but embraced a mix of sounds and styles. This is why I knew Hot Out The Oven Records was the ultimate label to release my track on and it is an honor that they chose my track for their label. 

Q9: Who do you see killing it on a daily basis? Give them a succulent Sonny C shout-out!

A9: Man, this is a tough one! So many awesome people in the Austin scene and community as a whole that are doing big things. I definitely have to give the whole Baked Up team a shoutout, and especially Alex Barker! He is one of the first people who believed in me as a producer and supported my tracks.  Saint Chris is another dope dude I met through Baked Up who is a blast to watch behind the decks. And then I have to give a big Colorado shout-out to a homie from your neck of the woods, 10th Phase. He shows so much support and is a really awesome producer as well! 

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