Realm Walker Takes Us Higher w/ Debut House Single “Journey” [Track Write-Up]

Realm Walker Unleashes Feel Good Chemicals via Journey – An Uplifting Debut Storytelling-Style House Single

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Artwork by:

Refreshing, uplifting, and brimming with energy – Realm Walker debuts his first single under this project and it is highly palatable and revs the engines of listeners with “Journey”.

From start to finish, the 2:37 leaves a lasting impression with its high energy and low to the floor danceability to the production. The fashion Realm Walker utilizes powerful punches and heartfelt storytelling is exactly what makes this debut release so impactful as house music hit.

pictured above: Realm Walker

As a purveyor of his musical education with a decorated list of achievements, we can safely and excitingly assume the next several releases slated for Realm Walker will showcase this same type of elevated skill.

There is an apparent amount of electricity in “Journey” as it harbors notes of nostalgia with its memorable and noteworthy sound usage as well its contemporary vision of what today’s house music continues to evolve into.

If you aren’t moving and grooving to the sounds of Realm Walker‘s debut release of “Journey” then by all means, restart the track and fully envelope yourself in its magical ability to transcend listeners unto the dancefloors of their minds.

pictured above: Realm Walker

Then, after you’ve become one with the track – hit repeat for good measure and repost/share the tune so your fellow house music aficionados and melomaniacs can indulge in.

We know we will be playlisting this progressive/big-room style banger to pump us up in the storm. Be sure to do the same as this track is available for streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer respectively.

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