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[By: Sarahi Pelayo]

[Corona-based producer] Dante Levo is 28 years old and paving his way into the music community. He started producing at the young age of 17 and currently uses FL Studio as “it’s easy to use”.  He has been listening to EDM for “almost all his life” and has gotten into quite a few genres ranging from Euro dance pop to hardstyle and techno, screamo, back to hardstyle and then finally dubstep. 

When first starting his endeavours into music it was hard for his family to understand what he was doing. Fortunately for the past 2 years his parents have been warming up to the idea of him pursuing his career in music production and his dad is now “his number one fan”

Dante Levo has always had music in his life, he played trumpet in elementary school and knows his way around music notes. He is self-taught for the most part, gaining his information online through YouTube tutorials, books and reflecting back on his friends to help him as well. He had an opportunity to go to school for music theory and music composition which helped him get a advantage towards producing music.

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How did his stage name come to be? Well if you’re a gamer then you’d understand. He used the character from ‘Devil May Cry’ and shortened his last name to come up with Dante Levo. Prior to finding his stage name he has had 5 prior aliases. 

He prides himself to be known as a melodic dubstep producer and if you’ve heard his recent releases then you’d know his music is composed to pull your heart. His most played track is currently ‘Broken Parts’ with Nick Ledesma, the vocals done by Jacki Nelson, and has over 338,000 plays. 

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This song is filled with an intro that starts with a feelsy chord with a slight guitar in the background, it’s tune slowly starts to build up when the vocals come in. The flow of the song and vocals compliment each other as the build up comes you can hear the pain of the lyrics as it comes down. Overall the message of this song is “about an ex left broken parts and it’s time to pick them up”.

His newest release “The Way We Were” was dropped on April 19th it’s a self release and you can go listen to it now by checking out his soundcloud and Spotify if you haven’t! The intro to this starts off with soft vocals partnered with a feelsy chord. The vocals come in quick talking about recalling memories from the past. As the song continues it starts to rise and the vocals say “Now it’s just the way we were” and the chords explode with immense feelings. This song is powerful. When you listen to it you can feel the pain in the chords and the vocals, overall this song is well written both in vocals and flow.

Dante Levo is currently working on an EP which will be filled with emotions and portray them into music. His music showcases melodic dubstep and this will be no different, unfortunately we weren’t told a release date but if you follow him on social media you won’t miss out on it!

Dante Levo has his career in music planned out, he is organized and pushed by his manager Rissie. Besides making music he plans to create a community and focus on his branding. When it’s safe to play again he will be touring and making his way to playing main stage one day. Besides music he plans on creating a music label to help other artists, a lot of the time music records abuse their power and set terms on artists. He hopes to change the game by allowing artists to have their own creative say in their own music, most of the time records try changing an artists vision in their song, but not anymore.

** Live music might be on hold but if you’re looking to see him play then tune in on ‘Earth Fest’ (twitch.tv/alitproductions) hosted by Solstice Events for a charity to honor Earth Month. The event is from April 23rd to the 24th and his time slot is on the 23rd at 10pm PST!



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