ABDUKT – Crash: Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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[Texas-based] scorching label Hot Out The Oven Records starts their 2021 catalog off with mystery, excitement, and celestial tunes to really make sure this year is ‘out of this world‘ from start to finish. ABDUKT debuts the immovably well-designed track ‘CRASH‘ into our atmospheres, drops down, says hello in an exclusive interview, all the while we chat origins, inspirations, and more interesting notions about the track at hand.

ABDUKT, not giving up their identity (yet), was once human and is now abducted into a new sound. Dating back to the foundational days of the Electric Daisy Carnival (’08) era where it was held in LA, this human/music producer was in it before the masses. Being familiarized with the titan-like names we know today such as Skrillex, Excision, and Afrojack, the inspirations were laid out well in advance. These inspirations eventually and imminently evolved into a passion for the production of music.

Gaining and acquiring knowledge, attention, and notoriety from the industry for the heart-stopping sets, tracks, and performances at major festivals across the nation, all the pegs for success were instilled and punched in. Sold out shows, support from industry leaders, and a catalog being sold on reputable platforms, the dream is in motion.
What could possibly happen next…?

ABDUKTion happens. On a cold, wintery, brisk evening; in the distance, an object hovers near. The luminous and intoxicating light from above begins the takeaway process and returns our individual back down to the soil, a new entity. What happened in the invasive skies is never to be known.



Ten toes deep, we jump right into the madness at hand. This is CRASH by the puzzling persona of ABDUKT. A gleamingly energetic track to debut the existence of this extraterrestrial infused producer to begin the next chapter of human civilization, 2021. Instantly descending in with a drum layer that punches hard, quickly giving in extra notes to create an environment of insane otherworldly noises.

The creative use of these sounds creates a whole new standard of bass. The intensity really prevails as a dominant force in the structure of the track. The elements of cinematic soundscapes backed up with the sample usage of some clocks, hypes, and ungodly wobbles.

You are in a gaze, brainwash, and headspin through the track. Searing an imprint on the consciousness with raw, maniacal, and ABDUKTive appeal. Don’t get too close to the light.



ABDUKT: Interview

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Q1: Welcome to our storm! It’s great to have you with us. Before we get too deep into the track, ‘Crash‘; what can you tell our readers and your soon-to-be fans about you, Abdukt?

A1: Hey there, first and foremost thank you for having me! To everyone out there reading this I want to introduce myself to the world. My name is ABDUKT! I was once a human like you all enjoyed my past life as a DJ/Producer playing many festivals and shows around the U.S. and world. Releasing lots of music you guys might have once heard. But one night after playing one of the biggest festivals in my life “Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019” I was ABDUKTed into a new person. A new image, sound, and style! I’m excited to showcase it all to everyone reading this today

Q2: ‘Crash’ is your debut track (under this alias) as ABDUKT. What sort of differentiation did you need to establish to find a new sound for this moniker?

A2: As my old life I enjoyed making lots of heavy dubstep/riddim but when I came back to life as my new persona all my mind and body would be able to produce was weird frequencies of synths and bass stabs and dark melodic notes that distinguish the image, sound, and style of the entity known as ABDUKT.

Q3: As for ‘Crash‘ itself, how can you describe the moment you knew this was the debut track for Hot Out The Oven Records? What sort of creative processes lead up to the finalization?

A3: With this being my first ever release day viewing the new entity. I knew the song I had just exported was to be sent over to Hot Out The Oven Records as It was a mission for me to release with a rising and thriving music label in the scene. The last hours into the project and song you knew it was a hit and just from the knowledge and power giving to me when I was ABDUKTed just gave me the full motivation to finish and move forward with the song.

Q4: What else can expect from the likes of ABDUKT in 2021? What is on your radar?

A4: 2021 has lots in stored musically having some huge support from Excision, ATLiens, Al Ross, Zeke Beats, and slot of huge names. Definitely be on the lookout for some big releases in 2021 and some festival line up as things slowly start to reopen in the U.S and around the world. ABDUKT is a full-on push for 2021 and you will definitely see my name a lot threw out the year.

Q5: Do you do see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shoutout!

A5: When I was ABDUKTed all I can hear was music from artists that were making lots of noise and waves in the scene right now such as AUTOKOREKT, SVSPEKT, DAZE OFF, BLURRD VZN, And HYPEITUP!

These guys are all to be on the watch and not to be slept on in 2021! 

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