VLCN – Bring Me The Horizon: Diamonds Aren’t Forever [Remix Write-Up]

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[Written by: Travis Bisbee]

Adrenaline-fueled blast from the past!

BMTH – Diamonds Aren’t Forever (Abducted by VLCN)

For a lot of heavy bass music lovers, our journey started in the post-hardcore music scene of the 2000s. Mosh pits and headbanging have been a part of some of our lives for nearly 2 decades (even longer for some of the older bass music lovers.) “Bring Me The Horizon” has been a staple of the post-hardcore scene since they formed in 2004. When they released their sophomore album “Suicide Season” in 2008 the music scene was gifted with one of the most objectively heavy albums released up to that point in time. “Suicide Season” was a creative, critical, and commercial turning point for the band. This Album set the stage for one of the greatest gems in the History of heavy EDM, “Suicide Season, Cut Up!” Which released in Early 2010. This special edition featured remixed versions of the songs by multiple EDM producers of the time. Skrillex, Tek-One, Travis McCoy, KC Blitz, and many others.

One of the tracks on this album was “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” (I Haunt Wizards remix).


This track was incredibly forward thinking for the year of 2010. Featuring chopped vocal samples from the song and a Dubstep drop stereotypical for that era, this track offered a new twist on music that very well may have been a focal point for alot of Hardcore Metal fans. Helping as a transition point into the world of Dubstep and EDM as a whole.

Flash forward 11 years and we find ourselves presented with another paradigm-shifting remix of the Bring Me The Horizon song “Diamonds Aren’t Forever.” This time around, the remix is provided to us by underground heavy hitter VLCN.

BMTH – Diamonds Aren’t Forever (Abducted by VLCN) is a pure shot of adrenaline straight to the heart of any fan of metal or heavy bass music. If you happen to be a lover of BMTH or their Cut Up project, then you better hold onto your butt. This remix truly is what the edge of your seat was made for.

VLCN’s Abduction of this track is objectively superior to the 2010 remix in every imaginable way. The progression of production in heavy bass music is evident when taking back-to-back listening sessions of the two remixes.

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VLCN provides a crisp and downright brutal delivery. This remix brings true justice to the heaviness of the original version of the song by BMTH. The usage of the guitar riffs from the original song is utilized perfectly during the bridge and set up for the second drop. This track sounds and feels like an absolute apex of energy. This is showcased best with the way the final drop unfolds into wave after wave of explosive and aggressive bass-fueled madness.

If this version had been on 2010s Cut Up album, the entire bass music community would have lost their absolute minds. This track is hands down the best “Bring Me The Horizon” remix I have ever personally heard.

Not only does the VLCN remix draw obvious inspiration from the original and the Cut Up remix, but it simultaneously also provides one of the most dynamic and energetic dubstep drops in recent memory.

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Incendiary synthesizers perfectly accompany powerful and gut-wrenching mid-bass lines as the vocals of Oliver Sykes assault the listener in the upper registers. This track really is an enjoyable and nostalgic blast from the past.

The headbanger flow we all know and love is present from start to finish and never misses a beat. The playability factor of this track provides a massive value to any DJ who spins the harder genres. Absolute dance floor devastation is only a matter of time. Not an issue of if, but rather when and where at this point. Expect to hear this amazing and nostalgic remix devastating festivals when the proper time arises.

It is my expectation that this track will be heard for years to come. VLCN has truly set the bar for remixing music from the Post-Hardcore scene.


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