Vlad Lux – ‘Flying’ | Hot Out The Oven Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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Written By: Garth Jones

Vlad Lux Takes Us High In The Air With ‘Flying’ – Out On – Hot Out The Oven Records

Teeming with energy, Vlad Lux releases his newest track ‘Flying‘ on the Texas-located label Hot Out The Oven Records, which elevates you way into the sky and brings a space-forward set of verses and bouncy sound structure to really set it in stone. Hitting us with the verses “I’m flying really high in the air on a spaceship, about to go down to the town and go ape shit” throughout the track in several fashions to lace up this release with a wide variety of otherworldly features and surprises.

You can feel every ounce of this upbeat house heater even if it takes you high in the air, far into orbit where weight is nothingness. ‘Flying‘ is certified, stamped, and officiated as a house music anthem here in the storm, so bit back and enjoy the ride as we get to know the newly residing Texas-based artist Vlad Lux in his interview below.

Vlad Lux

Let’s Get To Know Vlad Lux, His Music, And More In His Exclusive Interview

Q1: Welcome to our storm Vlad Lux! We are increasingly excited to get to know your music and your vision a bit more! What can you tell us about your origin in music and what Vlad Lux is all about? 

A1: Thank you! I am excited to show you more of my music and live performances soon! Well my father was in a band (Alkana) so music was always a staple in my home growing up, unfortunately he passed away when I was 5 so I wasn’t able to learn from him, but I feel that I gained some musical ability genetically from him.  I started out learning the cello and saxophone in middle school. I had guitar and drum lessons growing up and messed around with piano, I would always make up little songs with the vast amount of instruments I inherited from my dad. When I discovered electronic music around age 12 (The Bloody Beetroots, deadmau5, and Rusko were some of the first artists I listened to) I knew that I found what I was looking for, Something where I could create my songs and ideas and play every instrument. Vlad Lux is about having a good time. Honestly I have had this name for so long its just something synonymous with me at this point. Vlad Lux is kind of hard to explain, you just have to see one of my live performances. 

Q2: Your new track ‘Flying’ just dropped on Hot Out The Oven Records! How does it feel to have this track out to the masses?

A2: It feels so satisfying and kind of not real to be honest. I have been producing music for 11 years now, and to anyone reading this making music is easy but making it sound good can be so frustrating, sometimes you can have all the gear and have this huge complex track that falls flat compared to a song you make in 4 hours with 4 instruments and no automation. My career has definitely been a roller coaster. I have accomplished a lot and have played at shows around the world, but there are times where you want to give up, and times when you think you aren’t good enough, landing this track is an accomplishment that makes me feel justified still pursuing my dream. Never give up

Q3: In what ways was ‘Flying‘ difficult to finish and how did you overcome these challenges? Contrarily, in what ways did you find this particular track to be fun and creatively rewarding?

A3: Flying is the first set of tracks that I was more patient with and spent a lot of hours on. I normally finish tracks quickly because I’m excited to show people and I always am disappointed with the end product. I always say the first 80 percent of the track gets finished really fast( I call it the meat and bones), its all about the final 20 percent that makes the difference and takes the most time, this part also could be argues never finishes, you just decide to stop and deem its good enough. I sent this track to a few producing buddies for a collab and no one wanted it, I ended up changing the synths and messing with it for much longer than my previous tracks. So in that sense, yes it was difficult to finish but I’m glad it did! Being a strong critique of yourself is super important. I love recording my own vocals and writing little hooks. This track was inspired by Valentino Khan, Wax Motif, and Bijou.

“I’m Flying Really High In The Air On A Spaceship…
About To Go Down To The Town And Go Ape-Shit”

Q4: Hot Out The Oven Records is one of our favorite labels on the planet! How did you know they would be the best fit for your new track?

A4: This praise goes to STEDICAM from Backroom Records, I sent a track to him for his new label and he recommended me to Hot Out The Oven Records due to me moving to Texas he felt it would help make a name for my self in the local scene. 

Q5: Who is killing it in your eyes? Give them a voluptuous Vlad Lux shout-out! 

A5: I am fortunate to have met so many great friends and amazing unknown producers from this scene. Shout-out to ANGER ISSUES, SYSDEMES, BLEAM, STEDICAM, and THEDAMNSAM! I know I’m forgetting people but if I forgot its probably because they don’t need the shout out. 

Want More Vlad Lux? You’re In Luck!

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