XPNSV Taste – ‘Platinum’ (The Remix EP) – LNDN + Braddick + CASHEW – [EP Write-Up]

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Three Artists Put Their Winding Spin On XPNSV Taste’s ‘Platinum‘ Track


By: Garth Jones


All throughout June we have seen XPNSV Taste release remixes for his track Platinum from the likes of LNDN, Braddick, and CASHEW. Each adding their own signatures, personal additives and additions to the already shiny original. Where each producer takes their remixes is sky-high in quality and magnetic in connectivity to the listener.

If we take a brief analyzation of the original and point out its core points and values we can begin to build what makes this original so luminous. Right away, what makes the original stand out is the manipulated introduction that takes hold and allows the rest of the track to take shape. The energy and stamina needed to sit through this track without wanting to stand up and start dancing is through the roof. But, we must restrain ourselves as we have three remixes more to go!

Another piquing point to the track is this everlasting percussive and sharp xylophone type clap and hit is what carries through out. Then the high-pitched evolution of that manipulated vocal from the beginning takes on several frequencies.

I think with this basic understanding of the original, we can dive deep into the Platinum remixes. What these three rising artists have done to this track will undeniably get you on your feet in no time.



____ ____ ____

LNDN Puts A Remarkable Amount Of Energy In His Rendition Of Platinum

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LNDN starts off the remix renditions with a massive appeal. The instantaneous build-up of a rambunctious house track that blares a looping siren in the beginning to really add in the effect of ‘stop what you’re doing and listen up‘. Taking the original key points and elevating them sky-high, adding in several mind-bending and manipulated vocal-soundscapes to slap any listener in the face with real vigor and mightiness. The laser-like pokes, hard punches, and synthesized notes are truly unique and alarmingly rewarding to listen to over and over.

What LNDN does with the originality of the track is putting an authentic spin on it, increasing the speed, and allowing his reiteration to speak volumes. Be sure to take a deep breath before going any further with the track as it is going to leave you breathless in the end! What a fun version to Platinum by XPNSV Taste. You’ll want this remix in your next house-forward workout playlist.

pictured: LNDN

____ ____ ____

Braddick Takes On The Platinum Remix EP With A Massive Facelift

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Braddick sets his foot on the gas and puts the pedal to the metal, or the platinum, we should say! This remix puts it into high gear and by adding a mountainous amount of different vocal samples to involve a real party-styled approach to the bright original by XPNSV Taste.
You can bet you’re going to sweat after jamming out to his remix simply because the radiation of energy and heat coming from this reiteration.

At every corner and turn in this journey through sound you have a new sight to see and sound to hear. We highly recommend turning the volume up really high and get right to work on blaring this remix from Braddick, as you will definitely attract people from all over to get their ears serenaded by what he has developed. Although, a warning, if the cops come; turn it down because we aren’t home.

pictured: Braddick

___ ___ ___

CASHEW Takes A Nutty Approach To Platinum

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CASHEW takes it up a notch with his highly-anticipated remix to Platinum. What you can expect to find in this remix is a up and attem’ stylized approach to the original. An alarming and attention-catching introduction with that four-on-the-floor feel. Whipping up a deep variation to the vocals and backed by high-pitched soundscapes that ignite a severe amount of energy within the listener that takes hold and doesn’t let go.

A completely technical take to this fiery house track that incites bouncing and jumping no matter where you are. Nutty and crazy would be an understatement to what this production is, but for the sake of CASHEW, it’s undeniably nutty as it can get. So, by all means, pump up the volume, and hit replay for fun. You won’t regret it!

pictured: CASHEW



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