Kayten – ‘Done With You’ [Artist Interview] NEW TRAP BANGER ALERT

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Kayten – ‘Done With You’

Get ready for a trap treat unlike any other before. Kayten wraps up the brutal 808 style trap beat with intense drops fortified by her amazing vocals giving off a large stadium-sized performance for your auditory pleasures. What she brings to the table is a top-tier balance of catchy, relatable, and energetic lyrics with a backdrop of aggressive and party-forward elements. This is must-listen and must-see live when she goes on tour in Texas, more on that below. For now, let’s chat with Kayten on her newest single ‘Done With You’ which is out now everywhere!

Q1: Welcome to our storm! What can you tell us about your origin story? What led you into the world of dance music?

A1: My whole life I feel like people haven’t understood me and what goes on in my head. Girls never liked me in school, and I faced a lot of rejection and bullying. So I found music and was finally able to give myself personal meaning through the creations and daydreams of my future as an artist. In high school, I started listening to EDM and hardcore music after I got bullied out of my sport. Then music lessons started; voice, guitar, drums, bass, and piano. As soon as I heard dubstep for the first time I knew that THAT was what I wanted to do. The energy that a rave crowd has is all-inclusive, and I’ve never felt a sense of community in the same way before in my whole life since I faced so much rejection. I am in the world of dance music now because I want to provide a space where everyone is accepted and allowed to have a good time, and I want people to know that they aren’t alone in how they feel. 

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Q2: Your new track ‘Done With You‘ is out now! How do you feel now that it is here and released to the masses?

A2: I feel most excited about this release because it marks the start of my establishing of my style of production! The song itself talks about someone who deeply wronged me in a disgusting way, and this was my way of taking my power back and creating positivity out of it instead of allowing it to consume me. This person lit a fire in my soul that has essentially changed me forever in the most positive way I could think, which I find quite ironic. I lost a lot of people who I thought were my friends, but I gained myself, my self-respect, and my personal strength. The real ones are ALWAYS by your side, and I was reminded that the only person who could ever take anything from me, was me. 

You fucked me up,
A diamond cut

I’m done with you, I’m done with anyone like you
Boy I’m done with, ya
Done with you, I’m done with anyone like you
Yeah I’m done with ya ya

Q3: In what ways did you have to dig into a creative state to manifest this track? How did you approach opening the project time and time again?

A3: The best thing about this track is that I didn’t have to dig. It JUMPED out of me faster than any other song I’ve ever made. When I make music (especially when it comes to me this fast) I get into a complete flow state where my ego isn’t present anymore and it just comes right out. When the feelings I have inside about something are this intense, it just happens. However, usually when I get stuck I find other artists’ songs that make me feel better about how I feel. I point out in my head why; then I try to use similar tactics in my own song which leads to me coming up with a million more ideas. Other people’s music is what inspires me the most to make my own.


Q4: What is up your sleeve for the foreseeable future of 2021?

A4: My live performances. I think my live performances are what set me apart from other artists! I get up there, I leave everything behind, and I rage. I stand on shit, I jump off shit, I climb shit, I get the crowd rowdy, and I give it my 10000% to make sure it’s a performance no one will forget. I don’t see a lot of other artists using their stage presence, in the same way, I do to stand out, and that is my main goal when it comes to performing. So all to say; 2021 is going to be the year I make people look.

Q5: In Kayten’s radar, who is killing it? Give them a huge shoutout below!

A5: My manager Sydney Rogers is killing it right now. She is the CEO of Baked Up, she has grown her company to insane heights in the past year. She is the DEFINITION of girl boss- there’s not much I can say but what I WILL say is keep an eye on Baked Up in the next year. So much will be happening and Sydney keeps accomplishing so many things for Baked Up and her artists individually, against all odds. I’m always thinking to myself, “what would Sydney do?” It’s hard as a female in this industry to do anything, we start behind and that’s just the reality of it. So to see another female rising above inspires me daily.

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