Bvss Tactic – Reborn [Track Write-Up]

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Amidst the shifting paradigms of electronic music, the time for rebirth has come!
Bvss Tactic presents “Reborn.”

This newest release from California-based EDM producer “Bvss Tactic” is an immersive and palatable delight to experience.

Light-hearted and uplifting futuristic sounds start the adventure as we begin the trek deep into the creative mind of Bvss Tactic. When the drums enter the spectral scene a few bars into the track, there is a distinct nostalgia that presents itself emotionally to the listener. The way the synths and Bass line go together brings an excellent cohesion of futuristic and throwback vibes at the same time.

It is this fusion of cyber-punk and synth-wave combine with a touch of an 80s style bass riff that does an excellent job of providing the listener with a new world to explore. The general vibe and styling of the sounds is found in the intro, bridge and outro sections lends itself well to the cinematic nature of the song.

Both drop sections in Bvss Tactic’s “Reborn” have many aspects that set them apart from the average EDM track. For the first drop, we begin the descent into madness with an expertly executed fake-out (false drop) that rolls perfectly into a hybrid fusion of tearout and riddim-inspired aggression. The sound design is bound to get you up and moving. Trying to not headbang to this drop section is nearly impossible with the massive release of tension created by Bvss Tactic.

The blending of genre elements from across the genre spectrum is a welcome and fresh concept. This is especially true when the bridge section brings back the same vibes from the intro of the song. The setup for the second drop is essentially the same as it was at the beginning of our adventure into “Rebirth.” This is perfect in every way because it makes what follows next in the track that much more surprising and energetic.

Get ready to jump up in the second half to a professionally crafted double-time drop! This time inspiration from drumstep and DnB are evident. The same elements that broke our necks at the beginning of this voyage have been reworked to push the apex of the track’s energy and tension to the maximum.

As the song ends, the way that the future-retro vibes slowly fade out makes for a complete journey full circle. Bringing us back to the start of our quest of “Rebirth.”

It is no surprise that Bvss Tactic has already amassed nearly six thousand streams on SoundCloud for this release by the time of writing this article!

Bvss Tactic made a new fan out of me! I’m sure he will do the same for you as your expectations of what bass music has to offer are reborn!

[Written by: Travis Bisbee]


When it comes to tactical ways to grab our attention and ears! Bvss Tactic is the one to be doing so and he creates a wicked storm with the song Reborn. We begin the song with a soft melody of keys and a rise in sound, that smacks with a punch! Continuing with a beautiful drum pattern and the melody increasing in volume with a vicious impact. Layered beautifully, the melody and drums build in momentum, leading to a beautifully executed structure of a build-up! A delay of sound hits after, and then the drop begins with a smashing array of marvelously designed sounds, also layered beautifully! Carrying us through the sequence and leading us casually to a breakdown, giving us a chance to cool down and rebuild in momentum for the second drop! On the second drop, we go from dubstep to some awesome drum and bass type sound design! Personally speaking, I’m particular about that genre of music, and Bvss Tactic attracts my interests when he writes Reborn! The second drop continues to carry momentum and ends, it puts us in our seats after taking us on an awesome journey. Although, after putting us in our seats, we want to hear more from Bvss Tactic!

[Written by: Zachary Sharabii]


In the beginning, this intro starts us off with a very slow and elegant vibe. It then switches into a quicker and much more attention-grabbing build-up before surprising us all with this amazing and truly empowering drumstep style drop! The second half of this track, appropriately titled Reborn, only picks up in intensity and pace as it continues to allow the listener to feel at one and completely lost within its sound. Bvss Tactic truly lives up to his name in this one, by continuing to tactfully blow our minds with his ability to construct such beautiful and heavy-hitting bass tunes! 

[Written by: Krystle Skyye]


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