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[By: Brandon Rafferty]


REKOIL reminds you of all the reasons why you fell in love with bass music in his latest self release ‘Transparent’. This melodic banger is a refreshing switch up from his normal “Mech-Hop” and dubstep releases we have come to know and love, but let me tell you… we are all in for this new adventure. Behold, a new era of REKOIL has begun.

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As soon as the piano hits, you know you are in for an adventure down memory lane; to a more simple time where the focus was on the emotions felt by a song as opposed to the loudness war we often face in modern E.D.M.

Complimenting the piano, a mesmerizing synth lead begins to accompany the chords, forming an introduction that does not hold back. Next comes the most essential piece of any E.D.M. song, the drums. They are slowly introduced in the beginning sections, and lead into a build that feels like we are in the golden age of dubstep again.

You are instantly overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and a sense of perseverance as the drop rolls in. Blasting melodic stabs alongside a plucky progression, ‘Transparent’ marks a milestone in REKOIL‘s career. Everything about this track hits the mark. From the crisp and clean mixdown to the structure that keeps the energy high from start to finish. This track creates a high amount of emotion that will contribute to one of the many reasons you will have this song on repeat for years to come. 

REKOIL has once again proven that he belongs in the ranks of the dubstep elite. Even his big label releases don’t compare to the masterpiece known as ‘Transparent’. This track holds its own and quite honestly, rises above his previous releases and we are eager to see what he has instore for us in the future!

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