Life And Death | Denver’s Rising Dubstep Trio Chats With Us [Artist Interview]

Denver, Colorado‘s Next Best Bass Producer Trio – Life And Death – Talks With Us In This Exclusive Interview. Origins, Releases, and Who Makes Up The Three-Piece Threat

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


Life And Death, arguably Denver‘s newest bass music production trio gives us the inside scoop on who Bliss, Vex, and Gloom are, where it all began, and whether three heads are better than one.

Life And Death have already made earth-shattering momentum in their wake. These three have generated releases on Subsidia, Rude Service, and I Am Audio in a short period of time, seemingly while no one was looking.

Such garnered self, label, and remixed releases all pack a punch, set an emotion off, and feature dope vocalists, rappers, and MCs too.

All laser-focused, top-tier, and turning necks in the industry as to who this triple threat is.

People want to know, so we stopped all three in their tracks, and had them pull up to answer questions.

It’s wild, it’s emotive, it’s in your face; it’s Life And Death.


Q1: Tell us about Life And Death‘s origin and how it became a trio.

A1: Life And Death is the combining of minds between the three of us. We all met over the years at different points in our musical journeys and started working with each other pretty often. The logical next step was to combine our efforts and unique styles and mindsets into one trio project, thus Life And Death came to be.

It took about a year of planning everything out and working on some tracks together before we even officially announced the project in August 2021. The real origins of the masks and characters came from each of us who has gone through and currently experiencing different kinds of mental health struggles.

We wanted to really highlight emotions and how they can be expressed through music and how all three of us have felt strong happiness, sadness, and anger through the music that we have listened to and loved in our lifetimes and how feeling these emotions through music has helped us through our worst struggles.

We hope to help others through their struggles with our music and our shows. The culmination of these three basic strong emotions is so closely associated with Life And Death for everyone.


Q2: What are some advantages and disadvantages you all experienced from being a trio? How did you overcome those challenges?

A2: Being a trio definitely has a lot of upsides but definitely comes with some challenges. The advantages definitely show in the ability to have 2 other people to bounce ideas off of at any given time which has shown to be invaluable for us in all avenues of the project.

If you ever are feeling doubtful of something, from a song that we are working on or branding ideas or anything, you have 2 other people to talk to about it and see if you are just getting into your own head. It’s also an advantage for us because each of us has different kinds of taste in music which really helps us to blend in new ideas and not get too locked down in the same sound.

Now of course being a trio can have its complications! Just as having these three unique brains can help blend new ideas and create great things it can also have clashes just as often but that just helps flesh out the fresh ideas even more.

It can also be difficult contending with our day-to-day lives as well since we are all still working right now. We find ways to make it work though. 

Q3: You three are in Denver. What has been your favorite part about living in the Bass Capital?

A3:  Living in Denver has been amazing. When you live out here you are constantly surrounded by opportunities to see amazing music and experience the beauty of red rocks. It’s great to get to see all of the amazing talents that come through Denver and comes up in Denver. The scene out here is also huge and there is a ton of great talent, you just gotta go out on almost any night of the week and people are playing. 

Q4: This summer you guys have really made your mark. With releases on Rude Service, Subsidia, and remixing/editing a multitude of heavy-hitting tracks; what can we expect in the future from you all?

A4:  Things you can expect from us in the future include our collabs with Kleopatra and Micah Martin, the amazing Elle Vee, Jason Leech, and Sam Nelson, and last but not least another heavy hitter with Blupill and Lazrus. The biggest thing to expect from us is the unexpected!

We are working every day experimenting with new sounds and different ways to integrate different genres into our own unique sound. We are really coming into our own and are very excited about what we get to show the world in the near future! 

Q5: Your most recent Subsidia label release; Med Tent featuring BluPill with Doc Glock, can you expand on the track’s genesis and what inspired you to create this banger? 

A5: We started this really heavy idea with Doc Glock and while we were working on it with him we kept imagining what it would be like to get to play it out live at a big show or a festival and kept joking with ourselves that these drops were going to send people to the med tents.

We then knew our brother BLUPILL could be a perfect asset so we shot him the song to listen to and our idea that it was going to “send people to the med tent” and he rolled with that idea and straight-bodied the track and helped make it what it is today! We are so blessed that Subsidia wanted to release it on Night Vol. 7 as it ended up fitting perfectly on that compilation.

Q6: What’s next in the lives of Life And Death

A6: What’s next for us? Hopefully finding a home with an amazing agency so that we can start branching out and playing more shows out of state where we have been getting a lot of requests from new fans! You can also expect us to start showcasing more of what we are all about in future releases as we hone in more on our own unique sound as well as helping our fans find their own inner Gloom, Vex, or Bliss.

photo by: dru cook

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