AlienPark – The Alien Who Will Cause Pandemonium Worldwide [Artist Spotlight]

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[Written by: Sarahi Pelayo]

Born and raised in Venezuela is AlienPark on the rise with his foot in the genre of Dubstep and riddim focused but has not limited himself to just these, he is also dabbling with house music. Getting into the EDM community in 2004 with the help of his dad he listened to a fan favorite, David Guetta. His favorite genre when barely discovering the EDM community was techno, quite a turn from now!

His first attempt to make music was in 2006 using FL Studio he was only 11 years old and had downloaded it out of curiosity. He was impressed and intrigued by the process of making music and began to explore and study what each tool did, although he wasn’t taking his production in music seriously at the time.

Skrillex’s 2014 Red Rock’s livestream was when Alien Park’s interest took flight, he finally knew that he wanted to take things seriously, igniting his passion for the music even much more. The music isn’t huge within Venezuela and EDM influence is close to nonexistent so he hasn’t played a show yet but with his talent he’ll surely get booked soon when things safely open back up.

Being brought on board with Later Tonight, a Mid-Atlantic independent record label and artist management, his manager Cole submitted some of his unreleased tracks to Subsidia in which they chose his top track ‘Sentenced To Death”. Such an amazing and huge opportunity helped AlienPark grab exposure he much worked hard for after producing for years.

Subsidia was created to help give a platform to upcoming talent and Excision chose a well chosen candidate as AlienPark is self-taught and has learned everything online and by watching videos. To say he is committed is short, AlienPark is on the rise and being able to achieve a spotlight on Subsidia with so many other artists is just the beginning!

Sentenced to Death has over 7 thousand plays on Subsidia’s Night Volume 3 and was only released about a month ago. If you haven’t yet heard it then you’re missing out on some filthy dubstep. The song starts off with an ominous opening that changes slightly when ‘warning’ starts being said, within seconds the song starts to quicken in beat then as it reaches its peak a demonic voice says “You’ve been sentenced to death” and the drop hits with such a bass force. This song is for the mosh pits, it’s for you to get angry and feel it’s deep bass control you. A well produced dubstep song that keeps you wanting to headband throughout never losing its rhythm. The ending concludes with the bass fading out and the demonic voice saying “you’ve been sentenced to death”, if this song doesn’t make you feel like rioting then you’re probably listening on the wrong set of speakers.

His latest release ‘Fall’ dropped on Pogman’s label, I Am Audio a dubstep label has already over 3 thousands plays and rising! This song is packed with exploding bass in the face and the flow of it is well written and keeps a great bass throughout it all. Another fantastic track released with new music coming out soon, an artist to be watched with all this filthy dubstep dropping.

AlienPark is extremely humble and just like other producers he often gets discouraged:

With living in Venezuela, it’s common to be discouraged. My wife is always inspiring me to be the best I can be so she’s a big help! The bass community keeps me away from all the day-to-day problems. It serves as a shield to get out of the daily struggles of living in Venezuela and to let me know that there are bigger things outside my country. I also remember that I want to change the rules of the game for everyone around me and this motivates me to come back stronger and stronger after each fall.”

When asked about advice for new producers he says, “If you want to be a producer you have to be in it for the long run, I’ve been producing for years on end and I’m just now starting to see big label releases. Never give up on the path of music, it’s difficult but dreams come true and what is most needed is perseverance. Whenever you fall, get up with more strength. The opportunities are there just waiting for you to arrive.” Words that could not be any more truer if you’re putting in the work just like he has then you’re bound to be recognized! 




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