N30N. New Mexico’s Luminescent Dubstep Spectacle.

Tyler Mayer, or as his name glows, is N30N. A well-seasoned dubstep producer from New Mexico whose currently turning heads, and evidently breaking necks. Using his talents and skills to teach others, his hard work and dedication doesn’t goes unnoticed. This radiant and brilliant mind is emitting his hyper-glow of music and we are excited to see and hear what is next.
Please welcome N30N to the storm!


Q1: Welcome to our electrifying storm! Take us back to the start in regards to your decision to make music under your current alias, N30N. What were those days like?

A1: So I started making music just over 8 years ago. I downloaded my first version of FL studio when I was 16. And when I started making music I was mostly just making rap beats for fun. I never really planned on doing anything serious with it. As my taste in music started evolving I started getting really passionate about electronic music. I went to my first show in 2015 and it was Foam Wonderland in Denver. I remember being so blown away by the music that i was in the crowd just thinking “man I want to be able to make other people feel the way I do right now” and that’s when my journey into EDM started. Originally I started making big room house type stuff under a different alias that I wont name because it honestly  a really bad alias. But after a few years i got more and more into bass music and i eventually re-branded to N30N. I chose this name mostly because I just really like neon lights and stuff and I felt it really fit the style of the kind of music I wanted to make. I’ve now been making music and playing shows as N30N for probably close to 4 years now and I love every second of it.

Q2: Who do you look up to inside and outside the worlds of music?

A2: Anyone who knows me personally knows my answer to this question because I am very obsessed. My personal hero and inspiration is Virtual Riot. In my early days of making bass music I didn’t have a whole lot of resources for learning at the time. And it was Virtual Riot’s YouTube content that really gave me something to work with in the beginning. He is a great teacher and he also makes incredible music. He is like a sound-design god and I’ve now seen him live 6 times and he kills it every time. I have a Virtual Riot hat that i have a bunch of signatures on from all the artists I’ve opened for. It’s my dream to one day add his signature onto that hat. Outside of music though I really look up to a lot of my friends. I have some really amazing friends who are very strong and wise and i learn things from them constantly. Shout out to my best friend Darian Gorman who always pushes me to chase my dreams.


Q3: What was your favorite part about making Cybernetic Wubs?

A3: When making Cybernetic Wubs I really wanted to push myself with sound design. So I remember just staying up all night some nights just making new sounds in Serum trying to find something cool and unique. My favorite part was really just the learning process. I picked up so many cool tricks during the creation process that I use on all my music now. And after all the amazing feedback I’ve received I can say that every single night of work has payed off. 


Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and into 2021? Let your fans know what is next in the world of N30N!

A4: I have some pretty big plans for the upcoming year. There is the possibility of a couple label signings as well as a bunch of new music. Starting with a new one dropping on Halloween. I also plan to continue working with GrimeApple Productions. We also have a bunch of cool stuff in the works that I cant really give any details on yet but it’s gonna be big. I also plan to continue spreading my production knowledge with those that want to learn because I am a huge believer in ‘collaboration over competition’ and I want everyone to succeed.

Q5: Your musical arsenal is definitely stacked. Although out of curiosity, who are you trying to collaborate with here in the near future?

A5: So I currently have a couple collabs in the works with eJecht and Geezy. I will hopefully be starting one with Arkeus here soon too. Id really like to start working with some more international artists as well. I have one possible track in the works that may end up featuring a pretty big vocalist who has worked with LSDream. I would definitely like to feature more vocalists in general. My dream collab though is definitely Virtual Riot even though i know that’s a long ways away.


Q6: Walk us through your creative process behind Gh0sts Vol 1. What went into that mix from your perspective at that time almost a year ago?

A6: Gh0sts Vol. 1 was my kick off to a Halloween series I wanted to start. I wanted to do a mix that ranged from the dark heavy-wubs to the mystical and spiritual melodies. This was actually the first mix I introduced a song from the Cybernetic Wubs EP. When I was doing this mix I was also going through a really rough time in my life. Someone very important to me left my life around that time. I really was throwing myself into my music. Gh0sts Vol. 1 was the result of me mixing my heart out at like 3 a.m. on a weekend at home alone just wanting to feel the music. I’m honestly very happy with the results. At the time it was easily my best mix. Be sure to keep an eye out for Vol. 2!


Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below!

A7: There are a lot of people I see killing it lately. Huge shout outs to Arkeus, eJecht, Planet Dubs and Liquid Pizza for how far they have all come as producers since I first met them. They are very much so killing it in the production game and I’m super proud of all of them. Also huge shout out to my apprentice Kashi. I started teaching him how to DJ like 2 years ago and since then he has done nothing but impress me with his growth. Also one last shout out to my mentor and one of my best friends Papa Beats. He is killing it as a mentor, a leader, and as a friend. He has been one of my biggest supporters and I would not be where I am today without him. Much love fam.

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