N30N- Cybernetic Wubs [EP Write-Up]

Do you ever listen to a track or EP that just slaps through and through? Not a hiccup in the process of making it, nor you liking it?
Very rare, right?
These are those tracks. This is that EP.
N30N delivers a quartet of tunes in his recently released Cybernetic Wubs EP that is sure to tantalize your utmost upper-echelon of interests. I’d recommend sitting down for this heat, but this one is pure incineration, so GET UP AND RAGE!
The crescendo in intensity that N30N manages to achieve in this song is very cinematic and surreal. The aggression in these tracks slightly becomes more and more evident as you meander from Better Day to Brain to Infection and ultimately end into Cybernetic Wubs as the impressive finale. 10/10


Better Day starts the EP with some mellow feels and an easy-going departure into the world of cybernetics! Just wait, this introductory track isn’t as forgiving as it’s first lead to believe. The real surprise is when it drops and that good ol’ bass-face begins to develop. Wipe the already accumulated sweat off your forehead, we have three more tracks to go!

Brain brings forth as the second track of this wonky EP accentuating experimental bass-music. The manipulated deep voice, high energy drums, catchy underwater sounding sonar sirens, keep this track unique and fresh! I almost want to say this gives off a mean and spot-on Wakaan vibe! Who knows, this may be their newest addition one day!?

Infection administers major bass soundscapes, absolute crushing shifts and switchbacks to keep you thrilled. Not to mention the insane build-ups and Gatling-gun style hits. In the midst of a pandemic, this track really adds fuel to fire as the name resonates with the style of the track.

Cybernetic Wubs finishes off the EP with a technological bang! Seriously, it’s a guarantee that afyer you listen to this track (and EP as a whole) you will be smashing that like, share, repost, and retweet button letting all your bass-crazy friends know about it!The complexity and authenticity this track brings as the finale of the EP is unparalleled to it’s time and skill. Keep it up N30N


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