LovelyBones Takeover Week: Artist Interview [Part One]


Day-One of the ‘LovelyBones Takeover Week’ we are going to introduce you to the duo to familiarize yourselves with them as artists, their history, inspirations, and ultimately their music. Grab some popcorn, this bone-chilling Halloween season is about to get Lovely.

Lauryn and Craig Labanow, Mr. Lovely & Mrs. Bones, or collectively known as LovelyBones, is a San Antoinio, Texas-based married duo who create maniacal and out-of -this-world dance music. Creating supernova-like bass-lines, otherworldly wobbles, with bone-rattling results, they are solidifying their place on this planet as their new home. The two interstellar individuals are more than just producers; they are parents, veterans, role-models, ultimately they are arriving in peace. Get ready to break a leg, crack your knuckles, and break your necks.
Please welcome LovelyBones to the storm.



Q1: I cannot think of a better passion to share with a significant other. How did you two meet and how has your relationship evolved?

A1: So we actually met about 8 1/2 years go. We were both already DJs and I used to host EDM shows back in the day. I was always looking for new talent and my good friend mentioned him for new talent. I decided to reach out to him and ask him to play one of my shows. Once we saw each other in person it was game over and the rest was history.

Q2: Mr. Lovely, is it true you served in the army? If so, thank you for your service and what was your MO?

A2: I enlisted active duty ARMY in 2009 and shipped to basic training that same year. I served 6 1/2 year active duty as a petroleum supply specialist (a fancy name for the fuel guy), and met Mrs. Bones while I was stationed at Ft. Hood. I got out in 2018 after a 3 year Reserve Contract, and really haven’t looked back. I’m a Paramedic now, and love what I do so I’m thankful for the Army giving me the tools I needed, but I’m super glad to be doing what I’m doing now.


Q3: Mrs. Bones, I see you’re getting your masters degree in psychology. What is your favorite, most perplexing psychological subjects to study? Why did you choose to study this field?

A3: I have always been fascinated with the human brain and understanding how it works. My all time favorite subjects to study are cognitive psychology because it explains the cognitive process that forms the foundation of human behaviors. All the internal mental processes like memories, thinking, attention and learning. My second favorite would be social psychology because this is focused on the influences of different social influences of behaviors like social pressures, leadership and obedience.

Q4: When I see ya’ll’s cover art of the skeletons sitting on the headstone, I almost get a comforting feeling of sadness, like its OK to be bone remains. But at the same time its like the bones are sad. With your name, LovelyBones, how do you express your understanding of life and death?

A4: Our name is truly the most important aspect of us as artists. The lovely part comes from our love for beautiful melodies, and hypnotizing vocals. Where as the bones part of it is dark, heavy and mysterious. We definitely know there is an after life and heaven does exist. Our artwork isn’t meant to be sad but simply an expression of us being bare bones. No wicked flesh to cover us, meaning you will find no hidden agendas with us. We are humble and give our fans all of us. BoneHeads are family always.

Q5: Mrs. Bones, you’re literally a rave mom. I learned about rave moms when I went to my first show. How do you accomplish so much while also being a real mom?

A5: This is the hardest balance I have ever experienced in my entire life. I can’t even explain how many times I have wanted to give up on music and just focus on my family. But finding the proper babysitters to watch our boys while we create music or have shows is the best thing that could have happened to us. It is all about time management and knowing when you have time in the day to get stuff done. Our kids are pretty amazing about watching TV or playing when we have something music related to get done.

LovelyBones, Bad Luc, Baked Up

Q6: Mr. Lovely, I never grew up religious but I definitely have beliefs of invisible power. I know God is probably your favorite topic to talk about. How would you explain the Love of God to someone who is spiritual instead, especially in the EDM scene? If someone told you dubstep is devil music, how would you respond?

A6: The bible says that God is LOVE. For us love is an emotion, but for God love is him. A God so loving that even though we turned from him were on a path to destruction He sent his son to save us. I love my children and wouldn’t let them die for anyone. He sent his Son and Let me him be rejected, beaten, and crucified so that we could be reunited with our father. That’s a pretty crazy thing to think about. If you’re spiritual that’s amazing, we have different beliefs, but I think we can all agree on one thing…LOVE. Forcing beliefs or ideologies on people never works. Jesus loved us so much, so we accept him and turn that inside out. We all have our issues, and things we are dealing with, but we can always find a way to meet in the middle and create unity. Thats why we fell in love with the electronic scene, because originally it was an embodiment of PLUR. We are trying to bring that back. As for it being DEVIL MUSIC…. they said the same thing about rock n roll, I think some of it really pushes some limits, but i think the unity this music can create is much more important aspect.

Q7: Credit is given to Lauryn, Mrs. Bones, for most of the LovelyBones dynasty. How was transitioning from solo acts to duo performances for you?

A7: When I was a solo DJ I used to only play one genre which was dubstep mainly. To me 10 years ago it was ‘dubstep or die’, no other genres mattered to me. Now that I am a duo we play all over the spectrum like dubstep, weird bass, death step, bass house and future bass. I also have to share the decks which is hard to get used to, but we have built a beautiful thing here. It’s the greatest feeling in the world playing people with the love of your life.

Q8: Somewhere I saw Mr. Lovely talking about having ADHD. Does this make music production better or worse?

A8: Oh boy, Oh boy… This has made my life insanely difficult. When I was younger I was put on medication, but decided pretty early I didn’t like how it made me feel. I decided to train myself to function to the best of my abilities without it. Its been a long journey, and music production has been wild. Most people start at one point and follow straight line. Whenever we sit down to write music I end up starting at a kick and snare and before i even finish a whole post processing chain I’m like, “Oh, did I eat lunch?”

Q9: Mrs. Bones, do you dream a lot being a Pisces? Craziest dream? Do you think your sign is credible or something you relate to?

A9: I don’t have a lot of vivid dreams like ever. I never used to embrace my zodiac sign and never understood why I was a Pisces, until recently. I am not an emotional person at all and maybe cry once or twice a year at the most. But when I started reading up on Pisces and their characteristics I understood why I am a Pisces. When I care about someone I care with my whole heart and I am very protective over my friends. Pisces are creative souls which leads me to the music side of myself. I now embrace being a Pisces and don’t question it anymore.

Q10: Do you two play any instruments?

A10: Mrs. Bones- I played violin in middle school but that’s about it. I did not have time to learn any other instruments, but I wish I did.

Mr. Lovely-I started playing flute in 5th grad until my 8th. I switched to saxophone, but didn’t continue band in high school. My brother got a drum-set when I was about 13, and I used to lock myself in his room and play for hours. It eventually moved to my room, and i spend my teenage years playing in a band called Praying for Safety with some friends in AZ.

Q11: I’ve never interviewed “dead” people before. Both being educated on God and the human brain, what are both of your thoughts on time, souls and the afterlife?

A11: Well we aren’t dead yet. We just understand that there is great sadness is death. Its a grand adventure that you have to take alone, no one knows what’s on the other side. Who can really say for sure the link between our brain and the universe. How did we get here, and why is my soul so uniquely made. People believe, and have faith in all kinds of things.For us we choose to place out blind faith in the fact that there is a father who loves us on the other side. No matter what your beliefs though we can all agree there is great mystery in death, and that makes it kinda beautiful.

Q13: Mr. Lovely, how did your first solo live-stream set go? How do you plan your sets or do you freestyle?

A13: So it went really well as far as the music and the stream running smooth. I feel like I don’t really push my Mr. Lovely moniker very much at all, and that is mainly because I really love LovelyBones. I love playing with my wife, and I love what we are about. I think I just do the Mr. Lovely thing, because every now and then its kinda nice to play a bit more house, and some more sad boy songs. I have set up my sets both ways, but started finding that it causes way more stress, and anxiety when I plan my sets. Anything you hear from Mr. Lovely or LovelyBones is all freestyle from the heart nowadays.

Q14: What is Baked Dozen?

A14: The Baked Dozen is 12 artists managed by Baked Up. We consist of multi genres and we are all over the state of Texas. These artists are a great representation of Baked Up and what Texas brings to the music scene.

Baked Dozen: LovelyBones Cake Mix 009

Q15: Who sings on your tracks?

A15: Right now we use Splice for our vocals, we are in the process of buying a house so we can build a music studio. I wish I could sing so I can make our own vocals, but I am only strictly a shower singer.

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