eJecht. NM’s Rookie Starting Riots With Bass Music.

Ronnie Martin, or as his stomping grounds of New Mexico now know him best as, is eJecht. This unprecedented level of raw talent only comes out of movies, but here is the real plot twist, he is legit not out of a movie. Hailing from the Land Of Enchantment, this amplification of auditory assault is coming your way and is here to stay!
Please welcome eJecht to the storm!

Welcome to our storm! We are pumped to have you in the downpour with us. Let’s dive right in!
Q1: Where does the name eJecht come from? Take us back to those days when were making those decisions.

A1: In the EDM scene, there’s always been artists that name themselves to things relative to the digital and electronic world such as Dotcom, Computa, etc. Upon creating the name eJecht, I was working the drive through at Taco Bell, trying to come up with a name to prepare for a show I was booked to play at a venue called Effex in Albuquerque about a week from that day. Something clicked in my mind about deciding to take eject and Jecht, one of the main characters from Final Fantasy X and combining them together. 

Universal EP

Q2: Bass-music seems to be your go-to genre. Where does this fascination come from?

A2: The fascination of bass music for me stems back to 2015. I was approached by Zachary Elias, who took me to my first show, where I was initiated into a promotion team called Primal Filth, out in El Paso, Texas. From there, we were going to shows frequently that were being hosted by Primal. In that time frame, my focus was mainly on dubstep and trap. It wasn’t until around 2018, where I had heard Behemoth by SVDDEN DEATH, and Edge by REZZ, where I had understood where my interests really were with EDM. While I’ll always love that traditional hard hitting 150 bpm dub, there’s something peculiar about the sub-genre categories ranging from 80 – 145 bpm.

Q3: What sort of advantages and or benefits have you gained this year that you plan on utilizing in 2021 in regards to music?

A3: This year, I was brought into the Grimeapple family. Since joining, I’ve been able to hit music production harder than ever before. Grimeapple has assisted with a variety of things such as playing in venues, to exclusive graphic design work done by Linvillain, and a huge help to my sound design and overall quality by N30N. Ultimately and unfortunately, COVID-19 will determine how 2021 goes for my music career. In that down time though, I plan to keep releasing music, and staying focused overall. 

Q4: Walk us through your inspiration and creative behind your track Summit, would you? In particular, what went into that track mentally and even physically ? What about your track, OG Yoshi?

A4: OG Yoshi was a fun one for me. I was sitting in Linvillain‘s living room watching that particular section of videos on YouTube. The, “How did we even get here” section. He randomly says to me “Imagine if you made Yoshi‘s voice sound like a riddim synth” which led to creating the track and finishing it in roughly 6 hours.

The Summit was inspired behind a couple reasons I hold very personal to me. To start, I wanted to create a track that I had finished, and ready to release exactly a year later from my first ever release named Blackout. I wanted to showcase my development between both tracks, while releasing something unique to its own existence. The idea of the song was to create an atmosphere of walking through a snowstorm, which correlates to life being heavy hitting, and relentless at times. Reaching the top of the mountain, or the summit if you will, is us giving into our vices and finding that escape that we long for. For me, there was a period in my life where my escape was drug use, which led to substance abuse. The end of the song wraps up with just a piano melody, which was written to feel as though our vices never truly help us. If we do not confront what we are scared of, we will never prosper physically, mentally, and even spiritually. 

Q5: What is one fun fact you want your fans to know about you?

A5:  I’m lowkey really good at roller skating. Back in my little hometown of Grants, NM, a skating rink opened up when I was in middle school. Before I was old enough to be interested in drinking in the mountains like everyone else did on the weekends, I went to the rink instead. I loved it. It was different, all my friends went, and the DJ would play whatever you wanted if you asked him to. 

Q6: Eating and or drinking before a show/set. What are your thoughts and opinions on it?

A6: I approach a show like I would a tattoo appointment. I always eat at least two hours or later before a show, and something sugary but small as well, as your blood sugar being balanced can reduce that chance of passing out. Hydration, always all day. In addition to this, I would like to mention that a pasta dish can be all five food groups if you do it right.  

Q7: Be sure to give the people you see killing it a shout-out! Who are they?

A7: Immediately, I want to shout out my good friend and personal mentor, N30N. He’s incredibly talented. He just released his Cybernetic Wubs EP recently, which is perfectly crafted from start to finish. I would also like to shout out PVRGATORY. He’s an absolute power unit in his DAW. He’s a great musician, and an even greater person. There’s also Rektile. He’s very respected in El Paso, and has every right to be. Last but not least, I wanna shout out everyone holding it down and keeping their heads high as we proceed through COVID-19. And for those that aren’t doing too well, we all got each other. Check up on your friends and family. We’ll be back in venues before you know it!

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