RØNAN – False Dichotomy | Electrostep Network Records Release | Debut Album Consisting of 5 Collabs + 2 Solo Works [Album Write-Up]

MichiganBased Dubstep & Riddim Producer RØNAN Delivers A Full Album Studded w/ Solo Work & Collaborations Including Chaotic Character, GRISLY, Icky, & Lowke.

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


Michigan-based bass music producer and co-owner of Anbu Agency; Mike Ronan or better known as RØNAN is ending his 2022 year off with his debut album titled False Dichotomy. After such a successful three fiscal quarters of releases, events, and creating an impact with his music; this album is the glowing-red cherry on top of the year that we all love to see.

pictured: RONAN | photo by: nickvanloon.com



Spanning seven tracks that include two solo works and five collaborative tracks which include two with Chaotic Character, one with GRISLY, Icky, and lastly, Lowke; each respectively. This collection of music lasts a whopping twenty-one minutes and thirty-four seconds. Every moment of the album is thoughtfully developed and structured to deliver the collective experience of ‘False Dichotomy’



RØNAN has spent his 2022 year racked up events for those first three quarters of the year, and has upcoming debut shows at The Arena on the 30th of December for N.Y.E.E. and at The Intersection opening for Artix!, Point.Blank, and Dirtysnatcha on January 13th, going back to back (B2B) with Lowke at both events respectively.

He even released an insane guest mix with us over the summer. This album is the perfect finale for 2022 and we are thrilled to provide coverage.


Photo at: ELEKTRICTY Nightclub
Pontiac, MI


Now, that the end of the year is imminent and people are gearing up to celebrate their laborious and memory-filled year, this musical madman is releasing his best and utmost personal body of work to date titled ‘False Dichotomy‘.

Currently, two tracks from the album, one being ‘Evil‘ with Lowke, and solo production ‘False Dichotomy‘ are both charting on Top New and Hot 50 via SoundCloud‘s platform statistics. Collectively, the album has aggregated over 12,000 plays in just four days since its release.

Without further ado, let’s jump in to the album via Electrostep Network and give our thoughts on each track.


pictured above: RØNAN
picture by: Kayla Baer

1. False Dichotomy
2. Nobody (w/ Grisly)
3. Evil (w/ Lowke)
4. All In My Head (w/ Icky)
5. Go Stupid (w/ Chaotic Character)
6. Erratic Sequence (w/ Chaotic Character)
7. Dial Up

False Dichotomy – The flagship track that introduces us to the level of creativity we are about to see within the album. As the first solo work on the album, we are blown away by this experimental bass creation. From the incredible builds to the insane drops, this freeform bass track also utilizes catchy and fun samples.

photo by: Antonio Ivens

Nobody – which is a collaborative track with GRISLY, a Jacksonville, Florida-based electronic music producer and vocalist. The two styles at hand mesh cohesively becoming one fluid sound. The two use manipulated and distorted vocals throughout the collab, peppering it with bass, and the results are nasty.

Evil – A collaborative effort with his fellow Michigan-based bass music producer Lowke, that is an all gas-no brakes type production. This dubstep/tearout style track is loaded with high-energy builds, explosive drops, and wickedly creative and unique sample usage that brings this collab to life.

pictured left to right: RØNAN , Lowke, Icky, Walter Wilde
photo by: Antonio Ivens
Mind Parade Events

All In My Head – the third collaboration which features Icky as the fourth installment to the album. From start to finish, All In My Head is an exploratory and endless journey into the possibilities of where the future of music in the experimental sector is going and with the release and discovery of this collab, we can safely say it’s bright.

Go Stupid – being the fifth track to the album and fourth of the collaborations, the track picks up the pace in energy and explosivity as RØNAN and Chaotic Character, go off. The crowning highlights are the the mixture of playful vocal chants, deep wonk growls, and the reoccurring verbiage “I might just have to go stupid’ ‘I might just lose it’. Ultimately creating a concoction of berserk and rowdy rage within!

Erratic Sequence – holds it down as the wonkiest of all tracks on the album. Being the second collab with Chaotic Character on the album we get to see not only another side to their chemistry but we also see how cohesive their creative direction is. Using perky soundscapes and deep basslines, the collaboration is a smashing success that hits all the notes of what experimental bass can be.

Dial Up – is a wild one and easily my favorite. A thrilling and energy-packed dubstep track that ups the ante on the whole album as the final solo work from RØNAN.
At first, the track begins quite softly and you are lead to believe with would an outro type track to melodically send it off with grace. Dial Up, wastes no time intensifying itself in the first drop where you lose yourself and become one with the beat.
The second drop garner’s an ear-piquing vocal sample of Samuel L. Jackson yelling “I’m Still Alive Mothafucka” from his movie ‘The Negotiator’ where it takes the energy sky-high thereafter.

pictured: RØNAN
picture by: Antonio Ivens

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