Premiere: SLWMO – ‘Solstice’ – A Hybrid Trap & Bass Heavy Tune | Bass Capital Records Release [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Denver, Colorado‘s Rising Bass Music Duo, SLWMO Brings The Heat w/ ‘Solstice‘ – Their Newest Hybrid Trap & Bass Original on Bass Capital Records
We Chat w/ The Duo & Get The Inside Scoop On Their New Release & More In An Exclusive Interview

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


SLWMO, (pronounced slow-mo) is an ascending bass music duo from the Centennial State of Colorado nestled in the vibrant and competitive city of Denver. As we all know, arguably the bass capital of the world (sorry Montreal), so this duo has it down when it comes to cooking up insane tracks, giving off a wild performance on stage, and searing their vision into the minds of their listeners.

They are SLWMO.


pictured: SLWMO

SLWMO has been carving a blazing path with heavy and hyphy releases like Memories, Had Enough, HITTA, all spanning as original self-releases or via representation on record labels such as Hybrid Trap, Clout.Nu, and Bass Capital Records, respectively.

SLWMO isn’t moving in slow motion by any means. These two have been working extremely hard to get the notoriety they have been aiming to achieve in such a bustling and bass-friendly city as Denver.

It can be difficult in such a saturated market and city. Fortunately, for these two rising talents in the Mile High City, their work is paying off and the masses have caught their attention.

In today’s bass music circuit, we have seen a few couples (romantic/platonic) take on the mantle as DJ/producer duos who straight up kill their respective genres such as ARIUS, Mom N Dad Tunes, LovelyBones, and many others who are just friends or dating. Duos come in all shapes, sizes, and setups.

This type of platonic/friendly teamwork has been seen across the spectrum of genres and let’s be honest, we all love to see it! The electricity and synergy on stage is cohesive and much more captivating. Ultimately, adding to the performance resulting in a better experience for the audience. It’s chemistry.

Warming up the winter air with their new scorching trap heater titled ‘Solstice‘ (OUT NOW ) on Bass Capital Records. In the brief but impactful 2:15, these two manifest a fiery, attitude-forward, and intoxicating experience for the listener. They bring together the sounds and beat structures that you love about trap and flare it with just enough bass to balance out the two to blend seamlessly.


pictured: SLWMO

Solstice is a sheer shock of proof that these two have taken aim and are hitting the target with ease. The track begins in a mellow state with attention-grabbing notes that build into a siren-type beat before a cough lets it all out. The gritty trap beat is a knockout that keeps the listener locked in with their elbows up!

Right at the halfway mark, we are graced with the rowdy nature of the track, where the sound usage intensifies and the drop gets a facelift. The track keeps its upbeat energy throughout so definitely keep this track on your radar as something to playlist for the gym, work, and whatever else you’re going to need that extra pep in your step.

Let’s catch up with SLWMO and crack the case open on who they are, what life is like in Colorado as a musical duo, their new release ‘Solstice’ – what we can expect for the rest of 2022 and going into the forthcoming new year.

Interview w/

Q1: Before we slow down time with SLWMO, what can you tell the audience about yourselves, your musical upbringings, and how it all led you both to this point today?

A1: The SLWMO journey started for us the very first day of highschool – with the luckiest right person, right time situation we could have ever imagined. We quickly realized not only how much we have in common, but also how closely matched our taste in music was.
Then came the obsession of attending live shows, followed shortly by the immense adoration for the energy electronic music brings & the shows becoming a huge passion for us both.
The two of us still remember seeing JackÜ at Decadence in 2015 & we realized that the people choosing the vibe of the night truly have the coolest job in the world! That moment was ultimately what led to us learning how to DJ in 2016 & began producing our own songs in 2018. We’ve been an unstoppable, attached at the hip, duo ever since!

Q2: Let’s talk about your new trap & bass single ‘Solstice‘, which is signed by Bass Capital Records. Can you walk us through the timeline of where this track started and tell us how you got to this exciting release day?

A2: This track actually started back in June of this year. We were very fortunate to have been getting booked on the lineup for different shows around Colorado & really wanted a fresh sounding weapon to play out.
As time went on, we fleshed out the song a bit more to where we felt it was ready to release. Bass Capital [Records] has always been the most lovely team to work with & we were so excited when they told us they would take the song in their collection of end of the year releases.

Q3: How has living in Denver, Colorado been beneficial for your music career?

A3: Colorado has one of the best EDM communities anywhere in the world & this was what was able to give us so much exposure to the scene which we are forever grateful for. There are so many amazing, driven people around here that have a passion for this space & it definitely has inspired us so much being around that. Denver is, very rightfully, the bass capital for a reason!

Q4: Why did you feel Bass Capital Records was the best fit for Solstice?

A4: We have endless wonderful things to say about Bass Capital Records & showing them our new stuff is always an honor. We actually had won a contest for a slot on their stage over the summer for Neon Project, shortly after they had signed a track of ours called ‘Eclipse’.
They were so enthusiastic about the track & really made us feel like we were a part of their team. After meeting them in person for the show, the bond grew stronger & we are so grateful for the ways they’ve shown us so much love.
Solstice being a high energy, bass heavy, trap track – we knew they would enjoy adding that type of sound to the label. It ended up being a good fit for both sides!

Q5: Solstice sits at 2:15. Can you explain why you chose to keep the track short and sweet? 

A5: The track feels stronger with a shorter length, we have always been a fan of the songs that come in, hit you with a heavy sound, & leave you wanting more.

Q6: Trap is an acquired taste for your typical bass head or house music aficionado. Where did your love derive from for trap/bass music?

A6: For us, it feels as though we’ve had our trap elbows up since we left the womb! Haha, mostly kidding, but the genre has always just really appealed to us. From the start, after discovering trap music, we found ourselves seeking out shows with trap artists who were on the roster & it is definitely the sound we tend to go for most with our tracks. Trap also has a lot of different ways to keep songs sounding fresh & unique which very much aligns with the mission of our project.

Q7: What can your fans expect to finalize 2022 and what to expect for 2023 in the realms of SLWMO?

A7: Lately, we’ve been working on more music of course, we also are trying to expand our horizons with social media/content creation & we are finishing out the year with 2 shows.
We are playing a stacked line up at the Larimer Lounge on December 11th with Colorado Bassheads, then not even a week later, heading down to Colorado Springs for Bass Station; a 2-night boiler room style event.
For 2023, we’ve got plans for more shows, more music & so many awesome surprises in the works that we are so excited to get out there 🙂

Q8: Who are some artists we and the audience should check out?

A8: Oh man, there are so many to name! We could be here all day trying to list everyone out but some must listens are Ejekt, Collision, Chocolate Drop, Subfer, Shashou, Triptonic, Hurshel, ELEMNT, Ruvlo, Arius, FVJIWARA, DEEP STATE, Perma-Trip, & Spritzur.


Bass Blizzard

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Bass Station

Tickets: [CLICK ME]


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