BENZO$ Takes On Seattle With TRON3X | Friends & Fam Events + The Circle Guild: Fam Friday [Artist Interview]

The Colorado-Based Trap Music Producer Known As BENZO$ Gets Ready To Spin Spider Wubz On The Pacific Northwest

Interview by: Garth Jones

Let’s Get To Know This Audio Arachnid

Q1: Welcome back, BENZO$! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to chat again! For any unknowing reader and new soon-to-be fans, where does the name BENZO$ come from, and where does your love for spiders derive from as well? 

A1: Happy to be back! BENZO$ comes from my last name, BENZel and I was called “Benzo” and “Benzos” a lot growing up by football coaches and friends in school. My love of spiders really has come from studying them and watching documentaries about them. I relate a lot with them because they try to stay lowkey, out of the way, just make their webs and live their life. Very few people realize how big of an impact spiders have on our world — without them we wouldn’t be here. 

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Q2: You primarily ‘spin’ hybrid trap, bass music, and experimental genres in the ever-largening spectrum of dance music. Going all the way back, where can you trace this cord back to the wall with your fanaticism for the heavier side of bass music?

A2: My favorite music in middle/high school was primarily rap. Southern-rap styles really sparked my interest with the heavy 808’s and catchy melodies. Towards the end of high school, I discovered EDM and Trap music like RL Grime, Troyboi, Calli Boom and others. After going to an Excision Show in 2016, I started discovering more heavy bass like dubstep. I think that’s where the blend in my own music/sets comes from is the love for both sides.

Q3: You are co-headlining alongside TRON3X at the Seattle-based Friends & Fam event on July 30th. What can we, the audience, and your Pacific Northwest fanbase expect from your set and performance for that highly-anticipated bass beatdown?

A3: I’m super excited to share the stage with such a legend in the making, TRON3X. You can expect a ton of unreleased and original music as well as my favorite music from all my friends. Prepare for ground breaking bass music because my talented friends can hang with the best of them. Also, I’ll have some cool swag to give away. It will be fun!

Q4: Your utmost recent remix of ‘Hive Mind’ by Splash Damage is such a feisty variation on the original. Where did you draw the inspiration to create such a dynamic reiteration? 

A4: That song was a ton of fun to make, and I really just wanted to make something that was true to me while resampling/utilizing as many elements from the original as possible to keep somewhat of a cohesive sound with the OG. 

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Q5: ‘Weed Laser’ featuring the vocals of INF1N1TE which is out on BASSCVLT is undeniably a favorite of ours. This track hones in on a heaping amount of trap and a dash of humor. How do you find the balance between making hard-hitting basslines and drops and adding in samples that keep the listener hooked? 

A5: Thank you! It’s one of my favorites as well. A little insight into that song: I made it because I wanted to take the listener on a journey of what it feels like to smoke weed starting with the 6/4 time signature (because time feels longer or shorter when high). The American Dad samples were really to set the stage while providing context into what I’m trying to say with the music. INF1N1TE’s verse in the middle was a statement of how myself and many others use weed as a creative burst. I’m happy people are seeing my vision with it as well as enjoying it. I was told I can’t make a song in 6/4 because it isn’t “DJ or Dancefloor friendly” yet people love to dance whenever I play it at my shows. Just another reason I tell everyone to do what YOU want and don’t let someone tell you you can’t.


Q6: Aside from the Friends & Fam event, what can we expect from BENZO$ in the not-so-distant future? 

A6: Everytime I see some space on my calendar it fills back up, so there’s always new shows and new cities to see. The easiest way to find where I’ll be is to follow me and check my calendar for new stops! [which is linked below]

Q7: Getting it from the spider himself, who is absolutely killing in your opinion right now? Give them an altruistic arachnid shout-out!

A7: This is my favorite and least favorite question because I have so many amazing friends really making incredible music. I’d say the biggest moves are JAYSYX, OOPH, KOMPLVINT, Wheysted, Rayjhin, Asher Shahaty, Octobit, Highdruhh, and so many more that I could go all night. I discover a lot of artists on my feedback stream on Mondays, I am blown away every week by the talent that attends those streams.
Thanks again for having me!

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