Champagne Poppers – ‘Where Do We Go’ (Ft. Raddix & XOË MILES) | Biophaze Records Release [Track Write-Up]

Texas-Based Champagne Poppers Recruits Raddix & XOË MILES For Their Newest Rocktronic Featurette Release ‘Where Do We Go’ Garnering Stunning Vocals, Basslines & Epic Guitar Riffs

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


Champagne Poppers, a Dallas, Texas-based electronic music duo keeps it local by allocating the state’s utmost riveting vocalists Raddix and XOË MILES to end the 2022 year with an absolute bang by their newest production titled ‘Where Do We Go‘ via Biophaze Records. We know, it is quite the (triple) quadruple threat

pictured above: Champagne Poppers


The collective release from Champagne Poppers garners low and deep basslines, backed by larger-than-life guitar riffs, supplemented with the illuminating vocals provided by the two, Raddix & XOË MILES, wraps it all up as a rocktronic and soulful body of work.

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Raddix (left) XOË MILES (right)


The combination of these elements grab the listener in, swaying them left to right, lighter lit and lifted up high, while the lyrics begin to take hold.

Together, creating a peaceful, angelic, yet authoritative experience from all three musical entities, respectively.

The levels of creativity, captivation, and ability to ensnare the listener is top level work here, and we love to see it (well, hear it).

You can catch Champagne Poppers doing what they do best – playing music and poppin’ champagne for a NYE celebration at Green Elephant in Dallas, TX on Saturday, December 31st via H.A.M. Productions.

They’ll be doing a FREE champagne toast at midnight to say adios to 2022 and hello to 2023 in “a poppin fashion“, so be sure to show up thirsty!
Location: Green Elephant 5627 Dyer Street Dallas, TX 75206
Tickets: [Click Me]

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