Trés Hits Us With ‘Nahhh’ – A Headbanging Bass-Forward Single [Track Write-Up]

Trés Drops Bombs w/ His New Dubstep Release ‘Nahhh‘ & All We Can Say Is Yésss!

Cloud Coverage By: Gabe Hamad

Lock in and get loaded Monsoon family today we take a dive into bass music artist Trés with his new song ‘Nahhh

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This song was really dope! It starts very melodic with some very starry gaze-like sounds which I really like the most and pulled my ear in right away. By creating emotion and suspense, he does a very great job of distributing the tension when the song drops.

It breaks down very hard and aggressively with a dash of the melodic hook as the drop goes on. He does an excellent job setting the tone for the track and this will be one to not miss as we continue through this spooky season!

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