Birthdayy Partyy: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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[Interview: Birthdayy Partyy]
[by: Garth Jones]

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Q1:Welcome to our downpour, Birthdayy Partyy! What can you tell us about your origin stories? Take us back to those fruition days. 

A1: Well, being twins, we’ve always done a lot together because you get treated as a single unit most of the time. We both started making dance music in college and after having a little bit of success separately but both needing a brand rework, we decided that it was better to partyy together. We spent a year and a half planning the launch of the new project together, played EDCLV 2018 for our first live show (where we met Flatland Funk actually), and the rest is history.

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photo by: Jude Aotik

Q2: You are twin brothers, how cool is that? In what ways has this manifested a more advantageous and creative environment? 

A2: That “twin telepathy” is really just having so many similar experiences that you just get on the same wavelength on stuff really easily. That’s a HUGE bonus for creating together because we both already kind of have a similar vision on things. That’s not to say we don’t butt heads (we do, and we do it a LOT), but I’m sure our vision is a lot closer than two people that haven’t grown up together.

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photo by: Rage God

Q3: Your track ‘Take It‘ is upbeat, lively, and magnetically well-rounded to keep anyone alert and ready to dance. What sort of headspace did you both get into to deliver such a knockout? 

A3: I (Jon) wrote the majority of the track on a single flight. Something just clicked in my head and I just worked for a few hours without any interruption and then when we landed I had the first half basically there. There’s something about working on planes for me… I write most of my best stuff while I’m flying. When I landed, I sent it over to Bryan and he finished it up, including that ripping solo in the second half. He’s really good at writing those.


Q4: Down The Rabbit Hole is closing in on us, and fast! What can we and your fanbase anticipate for the stream? Is anything outlandishly fun planned?

A4: LOTS of new stuff that we’ve been saving up. It’s been a while since we’ve played a set, and we’ve spent the majority of that time just finishing songs that have been “in process” for way too long. There are a few collaborations and a few originals that will kind of show off the future of the project. We’ve had a bit of a turning point during the last year without shows, but this new stuff sounds the most “us” of anything we’ve made.

Q5: Throw some confetti in the air, pour the punch, and blow out the candles with a timeless shout-out of your choosings! Who is killing it and who is putting in the time?

A5: CLB (one of our fellow Chicago producers who is absolutely smashing it) and Ronny Berna are always sending us super hot tracks. Also gotta throw a big shoutout to our friend Cloverdale and his label Vibrancy. They have been putting out some absolute gems, and each release also has an accompanying art piece along with it, which is a super cool concept. All the art is sick too.

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