Crowell | Colorado’s Grimiest Producer Stops To Chat And Deliver A Dirty Mix [Artist Interview + Guest Mix]

Colorado Springs, CO‘s Own Bass Icon Crowell Talks About His Guest Mix, Halloween Plans, & What We Can Expect Going Forward In 2022.

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Q1: What emotions, motivations, or creative directions did you use to make this mix?

A1.The entire mix is a blend of my two absolute genres; riddim and grime. I’ve been blending the two and going more towards a hybrid style in my music as of late.

Q2: What is a highlight track, remix, or edit to this mix that you like the most?

A2. A highlight of this mix for me is the tune by Benzmixer – Fully Gassed, I’m all about flow and vibe and that track has both locked down.


Q3: It’s Spooky Season! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the Halloween holiday and festivities?

A3.I actually love Halloween, and I love everything about the spooky season lol. Going to be a vampire this year with my girlfriend.

Q4: What’s next for Crowell? What can expect for the last quarter of the year?

A4. Nothing crazy except a bunch of music I’m finally releasing. Heavy dubstep, trap, grime, riddim, and hybrid tracks. Self-releasing a lot and got some huge collabs I’m currently looking for labels to sign. The grind never stops with me, so the output going into 2023 is gonna be far greater than this year.

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