DEAD | Getting Murked Beyond The Grave w/ Haunting Bass [Artist Interview + Guest Mix]

Texas-Based Bass Music Producer DEAD Drops By This Halloween To Conjure A Guest Mix & Answer Some Haunted Questions

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Q1: What emotions, motivations, or creative directions did you use to make this mix

A1: Given that this is my first guest mix, and probably the first time that some of these people will hear about me, this is more of an introduction to my project. Let the people feel what they feel while listening to this.

Q2: What is a highlight track, remix, or edit to this mix that you like the most?

A2: There’s tons of songs in here that I absolutely love, it’s the reason why I chose them all. There’s an ID of mine towards the end of the mix that I’m in love with. I made it during a time of anger, and instead of projecting that anger physically, I conjured it into art. 


Q3: It’s Spooky Season! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the Halloween holiday and festivities?

A3: My favorite part of Halloween has to be haunted houses. It really brings out the ambiance of scare that Halloween is known for. 

Q4: What’s next for DEAD? What can expect for the last quarter of the year?

A4: With every chapter of this project comes something more sinister and evil. With that said, expect a bunch of works with dark and twisted melodies and aggressive and mind-polluting drops for the last quarter of the year. 

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