15Fvthoms: Bringing Bass Music To The Dark Depths Of Denver [Guest Mix + Artist Interview]

Denver‘s Own 15Fvthoms Ascends From The Depths To Chat About His Mix, Halloween, Music, And What Is In Store For Quarter 4 of 2022.

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

[ Interview ]

Q1: What emotions, motivations, or creative directions did you use to make this mix?

A1: The main motivation and driving force I had planned for this mix was to be as dynamic as possible while keeping a clear consistent mix. I wanted to blend different areas of bass music from tear out, to experimental, to just straight forward dubstep and blend that with emo music. I felt it would give the drops/buildups more emotion behind them with having one style build off of one another.

I wanted to create a dark sounding tone in the mix that would subtly shift from something melancholic into something more aggressive or dial it back into something more experimental or even something more bright sounding.  It’s what I always wanted 15Fvthoms to be. Where it keeps the central core of bass music, but incorporates the sounds and styles of emo, punk, or metalcore and not lose the listener. 

Q2: What is a highlight track, remix, or edit to this mix that you like the most? 

A2:  I think the highlight of the mix that I personally like the most has to be the first 2 minutes. I think it perfectly sets the tone and style of what 15Fvthoms is, and I love the tension that builds between the opening tracks. Plus it’s a Bring Me The Horizon song into a Marauda edit, and to me that’s sick. 


Q3: It’s Spooky Season! What is your favorite (or least favorite) part about the Halloween holiday and festivities?

A3: Oh man it wouldn’t be much of an answer to just say everything about Halloween is my favorite. If I had to narrow it down to one I would definitely have to say the horror movie marathons I’d be subjecting myself too all month. I already love watching horror year round, but horror movies just hit very different around Halloween time.

I think with the atmosphere of fall time, and the sun going down earlier and it rising later in the morning it definitely makes those films feel so much more suspenseful and creepy with the loss of daylight in the day. 

Q4: What’s next for 15Fvthoms? What can expect for the last quarter of the year?

A4: You can definitely expect to hear a lot of music coming out over these next few months. Both on my own and hopefully some label releases at the end of this year and into the next year.

I’ll also be playing as many shows as I can get here in the Denver local scene. Whether it’s an open deck night, or an actual show I definitely will be out there.

If you want to stay up to date with what I’m doing or releasing please follow me on all social media at 15Fvthomsmusic. Instagram is the best place to stay up to date and get in touch with me and to see new WIPs that I make every week. 

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