Arriel – ‘Lose Control’ | Glitchworld Recordings Release [Track Write-Up] NEW Insane Trap/Dubstep Fusion

LA‘s Bass Music Producer Arriel Generates A Wild & Otherworldly Trap/Dubstep Fusion Track Via Glitchworld Recordings

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Los Angeles-based bass music producer Arriel sets forth a dynamic and multitextured dubstep heater with just the right amount of trap to raise elbows with ‘Lose Control’ via Glitchworld Recordings. Not a release to overlook or undermine. Get ready to go berzerk and lose control as we dive into the track and Arriel himself.

From start to finish Arriel’s ‘Lose Control’ via Glitchworld Recordings is studded and garnered with super-futuristic soundscapes, insane structure, and attention to detail with every piece of the release.

Next-level in nature, hair-raising in definition, and keeps the listener jaw-dropped from what they are hearing.

The semi-dystopian, robotically-enhanced, and mechanized cover art aesthetically mirrors and compliments the music at hand. Both are very well delivered and received from the listener’s perspective.

The intro sets up the rest of the track with the altered vocals and coming through is the iconic “About To Lose Control’ chorus line.

Then sending off into an all-out bass beatdown on the mind and ears in the utmost tantalizing way.

A true auditory treat and treasure for the masses and will certainly do well under the care of Glitworld Recordings.

Every time we hit repeat we discover and find a new piece of the track to focus on and love that about it. It’s chaotic yet orderly in the same fashion, but nevertheless insanely likable.

We for one cannot wait to hear more of what Arriel has up his sleeve for the remainder of 2022, and into 2023. We foresee this act as one not to undermine what he can create.

He does have releases with The Goblin’s Lair (two, actually), Ninety9Lives, Big Tunes Records, and carries a massive arsenal of self-releases along with as well.

Taking those off-the-wall releases and rinsing them to the masses of L.A.’s Avalon, Orange County, into Arizona, and up to Nevada, showing the West, just what he is capable of.

Arriel is here and making leaving a fissure of sound in his wake. Even supporting the household names of Dion Timmer, Botnek, Junkie Kid, and more.

Arriel is shaking things up and no one seems to mind, we surely don’t. You can expect to catch Arriel’s future releases being covered here in the storm at Monsoon Season.

In addition to that, we can hint toward a guest mix from Arriel dropping in our torrents sooner than later. Are you glad you read this far?

Download /// Stream /// ‘Lose Control’ /// Here

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