KABR. Australia’s Riddim Producer Destined To Unleash Treachery [Artist Interview]

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Please welcome KABR to the storm!

Q1: Where does the name KABR come from? Take us back to those days when you were making those decisions.

A1: Destiny. I played the game as a child and into adulthood and it just stuck. There is a character from the game named KABR, this was my heaviest influence.

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KABR pictured right

Q2: Bass-music seems to be your go-to genre. Riddim in particular. Where does this fascination come from?

A2: My parents listened to music that really allowed me to develop an understanding of the wider spectrum of music. In my adolescent years I discovered YouTube montages from Modestep, Excision, Skrillex etc. As time went on my genre selection switched to sub genres like trap which showed me the versatility of bass-music. Then fast forward, and we had gone clubbing and I had heard Riddim playing and knew right away that was the genre I wanted to play.
I had always dabbled in music programs, like Mixcraft 5, FL Studio, and different DAWs.

Q3: What sort of advantages and or benefits have you gained this year that you plan on utilizing in 2021 in regards to music?

A3: Let’s take a step back into pre-COVID, “This is gonna be our year” was what we were all saying, right? What a let-down!
I’m actually self taught aside from small help I got from some great friends. Initially, I hated my new works in progress, I had to rewire my brain in a sense. I also created a new routine and vibe.I don’t push myself in excess anymore. Also, I learned to market myself much more appropriately. I like my new business approach and knowing this is a brand.

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Q4: Walk us through your inspiration and creativity behind your tracks? Wheel Selektah in particular. What went into that track?

A4: I fucking love that track. Infekt was a major inspiration. Chibs is another one. They both display such wet, liquid, and saucy elements, design changes, all too crisp.

Q5: What is one fun fact you want your fans to know about you?

A5: Chicken-fucking-Parmie and Cobb Loaf. I genuinely love these two foods.

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Q6: Eating and or drinking before a show/set. What are your thoughts and opinions on it?

A6: Sober sets, maybe one or two drinks, mainly! I like to maintain professionalism on stage and eating is definitely taken care of before a set.

Q7: Be sure to give the people you see killing it a shout-out! Who are they?

A7: Subfiltronik, my close friend, and such a major help! Ayonikz, dutch cunt bloke, Curley, (Tim Casey), and my brother, Dredgen.

Thank you, KABR!

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