In The Storm: Justin Wilk of Uncharted Stops To Chat About Their Upcoming EDM Events in the DMV [Exclusive Interview]

The DMV’s Uncharted‘s Founder & Owner Justin Wilk Chats w/ Us About Their Upcoming EDM Events Titled ‘FAMILY’ w/ IN ORBIT DUBZ & Cypherize, October‘sSea Of Lost Souls‘, + MORE

Uncharted Aims To Provide A Safe, Welcoming Dance Environment, & Culture – Justin Wilk Opens Up About His Day-In-The-Life, View On Today’s State of Events, + What’s Coming Up On The Horizon For Uncharted In 2023.

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Let’s Chat w/
Justin Wilk of Uncharted

Q1: Welcome back, Justin! It’s been a while since we have last spoken to you in our stormy skies. For anyone who might not know, can you briefly tell us who you are, what you do, and the general rundown on what/who Uncharted is?

Justin Wilk:  Thanks for having me back! My name is Justin Wilk and I run an event promotion company based out of Baltimore, MD in the Mid-Atlantic United States. We focus on collaborating with our fellow local and regional promotional companies to help build a bond in our community and help make a night out fun and safe! I also as well help manage a collective of artists called The Riddim Ranch. The collective includes D.V.D., Figmvnt, Moppy, Mr. Robinson, Swamp Mane, and Frontside.

The Riddim Ranch has been helping host and build the local/regional dubstep and riddim artist community and I’m so excited to see where both of these projects go for me in the future.

pictured: Justin Wilk | Uncharted

Q2: Your team has been hard at work making sure there are reputable, safe, and memorable shows in the DMV area. Where did this all begin? How did you get involved with events? 

Justin Wilk:  My time in the event industry started years and years ago working with Steez Promo and then moving on to create memories under my own moniker. I really wanted to create a space for our local artists to be more showcased so I decided it was time to start that up. Ever since then, it’s been nothing but an immaculate experience working closely with some of the finest artists the DMV/Baltimore has to offer as well as other like-minded event curators. 

Q3: Your collaborative event with MushedMouthMedia titled Family– features IN ORBIT DUBZ and Cypherize as headliners. What can fans expect at this event coming up on June 10th

Justin Wilk:  This event all started because of Moses Sesom, he was a well-loved guy in our more local area that passed away and the community came together for a memorial event that first started last year. It’s now grown to another memorial event this year featuring 25+ artists across two stages. This event also features a cookout, a video game lounge, local merch vendors, live painters, a Big Dub Festival, Lost Lands and Nightmare Festival ticket raffle, and a ton more! This is surely what the DMV is all about and that’s FAMILY

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pictured: IN ORBIT DUBZ


pictured: Cypherize


Q4: Tell us a little bit about Sea Of Lost Souls on October 6th & 7th. It seems to be a highly anticipated event for Baltimore, Maryland. What can we excite ourselves over (regarding the event itself) as we wait for a lineup announcement? 

Justin Wilk: This event has been highly anticipated for its return ever since we first curated this event in 2020. With the current COVID restrictions, it was difficult but a safe and successful event. Now that we’ve gotten over the hurdle we can’t wait to present a two-night voyage this year featuring local, regional, and international DJs, spooky decor, some of our best local merchandise vendors/Live Painters, a full-scale KBBQ kitchen menu, and more to be announced!

(Join the Discussion/RSVP via The Facebook Event Page)

Q5: Walk us through a day in your life in your shoes! From sun-up to sundown, what happens in the average daily life of Justin Wilk?

Justin Wilk: My normal day-to-day includes a variety of different activities. A lot of my free time is taken up by planning my next event, working at my other jobs, or seeing friends! Socializing is a very important aspect of life and your normal day to day. 

pictured: Justin Wilk | Uncharted

Q6: What else is Uncharted cooking up this year? New events, new artist debuts, or what can you exclusively share with us here in the storm? 

Justin Wilk:  We are currently working on a physical merchandise line of different items to purchase at our events and the options are coming out amazing! Stay tuned for that! We also have a lot of very uncharted territory to explore this year and we are excited to venture for more amazing experiences with our team, patrons, and many alike! Other than that you’ll have to come aboard for any surprises that may be in store! 

Q7: What are some aspects of event organization that often get overlooked by fans, attendees, or even organizers that you feel need better attention? 

Justin Wilk:  I think safe space information and harm reduction services can be a great thing for all to implement. It often gets overlooked due to the revolving aspects of an event. Baltimore and the surrounding area have been pretty amazing at providing the resources we all need to dance safely and smartly. I highly recommend if anyone needs any services at events of this nature please reach out to SafeCircles Harm Reduction. We will be having them come out to our events in the future and a huge asset to a safe and comfortable night out. 

Q8: What does the DMV do better than any other location in terms of events and their attendees?

Justin Wilk:  Baltimore is a growing community. As are others every day. I think Baltimore really focuses on attention to detail and bringing in artists who are making waves in their respective genres. 

Q9: What’s one thing that needs to come back and one thing that needs to go away in terms of dance music events?

Justin Wilk: I’ve always been a fan of multi-room events. It really showcases a widespread of what the area has to offer in terms of music, art, and culture. In terms of dance music what we could do away with is the politics behind the scenes. The politics create an unsettling atmosphere and a lot of times don’t provide the talent necessary to the specific demographic. 

Q10: Give anyone a loud and loving shoutout who you feel deserves it or who may have helped you get to where you are today! 

Justin Wilk: I have to shout out my team from the production team to the street team and online marketing promoters. They really are the ones that are by my side helping create an immaculate voyage, spreading their positive messages, and creating a welcoming environment for all. 

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