Arriel Unveils NEW Hybridized Dubstep Single – “Beat Drop” via Glitchworld Recordings [Track Write-Up]

Los Angeles-based Hybrid Trap/Bass Music Producer Arriel Sets Forth Power w/ “Beat Drop” via Glitchworld Recordings – A Breathtaking Dubstep Fusion Release

We Give The Inside Scoop On The NEW Release

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Arriel, a rising hybrid trap/dubstep music producer and host of Arriel TV, absolutely crushes the New Year with his explosive new release titled “Beat Drop” via Glitchworld Recordings. Trust us when we say this is a banger in the dubstep and bass music sector.

Lasting an impressive 3:20 – the power behind the track is felt and the lasting impression it leaves once it’s over is startling.

Starting off with a ferocious introduction that builds up into a creative crescendo and leads to a mind-blowing drop that’s multitextured and rampant with destructive soundscapes.


Arriel then lets it all go once the drop hits and the title of the track (Beat Drop) makes complete sense due to its maniacal hold it has on the listener. Feelings of berserk energy and bewildering headbanging seem to come naturally as “Beat Drop” plays out on the speakers.

Without skipping a note, “Beat Drop” utilizes destabilizing elements throughout its entirety with dark bassline and booming drops that get the listener hooked and wanting more.

We are on the edge of our seat awaiting Arriel‘s next release. With the upward trajectory he has been on with his latest releases such as Lose Control, Monsters, Get Away, and Jazz Reference VIP with Wynde Up, we can safely assume, his forthcoming material is going to be next level and his best work yet.

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Arriel shares his creative insight with us:

For this track I wanted to go straight dubstep. Typically, I have some trap influence but this one I wanted heavy, loud, and in your face. However, the second drop has a bit of OG flair with some bass wobbles to help pair new school and old school vibes. Knowing my next tracks  after this are going to be much more melodic, I wanted to drop something heavy to ring in the new year. 

– Arriel

“Beat Drop” is OUT NOW on all major music streaming platforms, so run it up, repeat it, share, and add it to your utmost desired playlists to maximize your daily output.

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