Arkeus. Waging War with Wobbles Amongst The Southwest.

Please welcome Arkeus to the storm!


Welcome to our storm! We are pumped to have you in the downpour with us. Let’s dive right in!
Q1: Where does the name Arkeus come from? Take us back to those days when were making those decisions.

A1: Coming up with my name was a hustle to be honest, I would overthink every single idea that came in my head, but over time I kept mixing letters from my name with different words. Then one day, boom. I came up with Arkeus and I instantly knew that was the perfect name

Q2: Bass-music seems to be your go-to genre. Riddim in particular. Where does this fascination come from?

A2: I wouldn’t say Riddim. It’s more Tearout and Briddim because that’s what I love to make. my fascination for bass music comes from my idols Kayzo and Wooli. I’ve been following Hayden (Kayzo) ever since he first started Icon and he had less than a thousand followers. I fell in love with his style and the way he would mix Heavy dubstep with Hardstyle music. Wooli is another huge role model to me, I found his music early in his music career and to see both of my idols success take off from nothing to being one of the best know top DJ’s and music producers with their own style and not following anyone else’s wave fascinates me!.

Q3: What sort of advantages and or benefits have you gained this year that you plan on utilizing in 2021 in regards to music? You’ve been putting it down!

A3: For sure I would say Grimeapple.
Grimeapple has been nothing but awesome to me, I’ve been playing so many live-streams with the team and I’ve been gaining followers that don’t know who I am until they catch the stream. Hopefully with 2021 I’ll be able to start playing shows here and slowly expand outside of my home state. Another one would be all the knowledge I’ve learned with music because I want my music to sound good and make you just rage and be happy. Finally I would say my mental health and motivation. Since the beginning of my journey I was such a shy and introverted kid, but as time went by I am now such a outgoing person who isn’t shy at all and loves to make friends. music really helped me be more happier and positive about life. Be more of a striver. It has really pushed my love and motivation to a level where i trust my heart and I know my music will all be worth it and I’ll be where I want to be soon. The world still need to find out about Arkeus!.

Q4: Walk us through your inspiration and creative process behind your track recently dropped, Dimension . What went into that track mentally?

A4: The main inspiration behind the track has Oolacile’s new record label Halcyon. I heard their music showcase and there is this one ID by Oolacile titled “Apostle” that blew my mind. At first when I first started the track I was so close to throwing the whole project file away but something stopped me and I took a break from music and when I re opened it again I got triggered so many ideas and that’s how Dimensions came along. By the way the melodic drops always ease my heart and soul.

Q5: You did a guest-mix for us in September, which was super sick! The cloudBURST Series needed some extra heat. How did you choose the tracks?

A5: Ahh yes that mix was so good, um to be honest I just went with the flow for the mix. I didn’t really think I just did if that makes sense. I’d love to make another mix for sure though.

Q6: What is one fun fact you want your fans to know about you, Arkeus?

A6: I love Japanese culture. All the inspiration for Arkeus comes from that. All my song covers are different mangas or animes, my logo is from Japanese mythology, and my melodic side gets inspiration from fantasy animes, I want to make you feel and imagine yourself like you’re in your own world as the main character traveling the world and meeting new friends and fighting monster etc.

Q7: Be sure to give the people you see killing it a shout-out! Who are they?

A7: First off , big shout out to my brother Adam, Aka MIRR.IMG. He’s super humbled and so talented. He just had a release on Excision’s new record label, Subsidia. We have a HUGE collab we just finished so keep a lookout for that. Creep Sounds by Mirr.img
Second I want to shout-out my brother Eric Aka Subviction. If you love heavy riddim and synthwave then you’ll love Subviction. He just recently released a brand new EP ‘Photographs’.
Next, it would have to be my brother Geezy (Aaron) who is killing it with his liquid riddim. I’m so proud of how far he has come and I’m so stoked for his future releases.
Lastly, a couple of people from the Grimeapple crew. N30N (Tyler) is doing an awesome job with his music production and will get far with music. EJecht (Ronnie) is creating some insane experimental tracks that’ll leave you with your jaw dropped.

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