Liquid Pizza. Preheating + Delivering The New Mexican Bass-Scene With Delicious Dubstep

Please welcome Liquid Pizza to the storm!

Q1: Welcome! Where did the Liquid Pizza ideas come from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to your decision to make music under this alias.

A1: I’ve always been a pretty big loner so there were a lot of times that id just order a pizza and kick back and make music and that was what got me through the loneliness.  as far as the liquid part, not really sure but i felt like it just sounded drippy and i think my music is also pretty drippy so it fit.

Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration and or role model in your journey thus far? Inside and outside the worlds of music, of course.

A2: My friends.  I’ve always loved making music but it wasn’t until i had a supportive crew that really dug what i was making that i really started doing well.  Having that has been a game changer for me.  There are a few producers that i met early on that really were very kind and encouraging to me so just that love was so amazing.  But i love so many different styles so i really appreciate older electronic music too like nine inch nails, it inspires me to be myself and not worry so much about fitting into some one else’s idea of what good music sounds like.

Q3: What has been your favorite track to make so far in your career? Why this track?

A3: i think my favorite track to make was probably a new one i put out recently with Couch Lock Collective called ‘Silent Forest‘.  I did the vocals which is always really fun for me and it just was a song I worked on for a long time and it finally just came together so nicely.

Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and or into 2021? Let your fans know what is next in the realm of Liquid Pizza!

A4: As far as 2020 goes i will probably release one more single and then just chill.  Its been such a crazy year both world wide and personally that for right now relaxing and finding new inspiration is my main goal.  Next year though Id really love to go on tour, I was set to start doing that this year.  It would be fulfilling a lifelong dream to do that and I hope things are in a good enough spot next year to be able to do that.  I also have several collabs that are in the works that I want to release next year so I’m super excited about that.

Q5: Your musical arsenal is definitely thick and packs some heat. Although, out of curiosity, who are you trying to collaborate with here in the near future?

A5: I’d really love to make a heavier dubstep song with Scafetta hes a really great producer I’ve become friends with and I love his style.  Also Lemondoza is definitely a person I want to work with for an experimental bass track I think that would be amazing.  Also I think it would be really cool to bring some new mexico bass with Galaxy, we’ve talked about doing a track together so hopefully that will happen pretty soon.

Q6: Walk us through your creative process behind your impressive release A Mouthful. What went into that remix creatively from your perspective as an artist? Let’s recall your collab with N30n, Wanting. What about that wonky collaboration?

A6: When i started a mouthful i really was just having fun.  I love to take samples from movies that i love, some of these came from Pineapple Express.  
That collab was so fun I had a clip from the original Star Trek and I just felt like I could really relate with what hes saying that sometimes wanting something is much easier and nicer than having something.  I really love how N30N brought the track together with my weird synth style and his awesome bass its one of my favorite songs.  

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below!

A7: There are so many amazing artists out there right now a few i would highly recommend are obviously the artists I mentioned already; Scafetta, Lemondoza, Galaxy and N30N but a few more bass-producers I’m loving lately are St!ll Tr!ll, Golden Goddess, Geezy, and Trentcast just to name a few. 

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