HUSKI’s “Time Of My Life” EP Makes Listeners Go Beast Mode w/ Four New Bass Tracks + Remix Contest Details [EP Write-Up]

▼ CA’s Rising Bass Music Icon HUSKI Releases His NEW 4-Track “Time Of My Life” EP Hitting All The Checkmarks For A Knockout Body Of Work

HUSKI Combines Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Techno Soundscapes Together – Reminding Us All Why He’s The Beast of Bass ▼ REMIX CONTEST INFO INSIDE

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Budding bass music producer Carlos Torres, best known as HUSKI, has just released his highly-anticipated “Time Of My Life” EP which garners four new tracks, each varying in style and genre specificity.

If you’re a fan of HUSKI‘s latest work like “Galaxy” and “Take Me Tonight“, you’ll love these new tracks. And if you haven’t heard of HUSKI or his new/latest works, it’s time to catch up!

The new electrifying EP contains the dubstep track “I Can’t Believe It“, drum and bass tunes “Time Of My Life” and “Got That Power“, as well as techno/riddim fusion track – “Like This“. All of these blend together ever-so-perfectly and we are loving this new sound that HUSKI has brought to the music market with this EP.

pictured: HUSKI | by: @eric.710

As a treat to HUSKI‘s listeners and fans, “Like This” premiered a week early exclusively on the rising California-based producer’s SoundCloud, giving them an early listen before the body of work hit digital shelves.

Now that they’re all out and being enjoyed by the masses, we can all revel in the fresh and forward-thinking collection of work that HUSKI has generated. There is a little bit of everything in this EP that bassheads and headbangers can enjoy and break rails to.

We can honestly and confidently say that each and every time HUSKI puts out a track, they get better and better. He constantly looks for new ways to explore the bass music genre and incorporate his signature sound design into them, resulting in consistent, next-level productions.

What will we get next from him? Only he knows, but what you can do is follow him on social media and music streaming platforms to stay up to date with all things HUSKI.

Time Of My Life EP | OUT NOW

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Remixes can be sent to for a chance to be a part of the official remix EP that will be distributed on all major streaming platforms with bonus promo coverage. Deadline is July 27th and selected remixers will get notified.

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