FREAKY + Finderz Keeperz + Vastive – LEGENDS | Emengy Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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Once again, Emengy is at the helm of releasing a bewildering collaboration from FREAKY, Finderz Keeperz, and Vastive eloquently titled ‘LEGENDS‘, and rightfully so. These three artists are top tier in their craft and execute unfathomable bass music from their brilliant minds for you auditory pleasure. Brace for imminent impact. This will feel good, really good.

This trio developed a hellish, unholy, and ultimately brutal masterpiece. Sitting at an astonishing 3:05 jam packed with crippling vocals, fierce attitude, and the utmost heinous collision of dubstep only fit for the legendary. Blasting you with a Gatling gun of supersonic soundscapes and crushing bass, these three f**king tear it up on this collaboration.

FREAKY sways in, revolting and reveling, this artist knows what a damn showdown is. Fresher than a peppermint, FREAKY is escalating his name to echelons higher than most bass music producers even dream of. Well, in this case, legendary is the target and bullseye has been hit. He undeniably takes the cake for one to watch in 2021’s league of extraordinary gentlemen.

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photo of: FREAKY

Finderz Keeperz. the duo of death, decay, and discovery. This two-teamed squad of scandalous music is just getting their mark on the make but holy shit are they beaming to magnify their presence. These folks could split an atom with their gut-wrenching aggregation of auditory senselessness. These gents help make up ‘LEDGENDS‘ and they get jaw-dropping reactions in return.

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photo of: Finderz Keeperz
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Vastive, the self-proclaimed bully on the block blows us away with this collaborative contribution to ‘LEGENDS’. His most recent work on Subsidia is mind-blowing (both releases, that is), so this is just another jewel atop his mighty crown. What he adds to ‘LEGENDS’ with FREAKY and Finderz Keeperz is definitely unlike anything you can find, anywhere. Complimenting and supplementing his love for bass into the release, you can truly feel it in your bones.

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photo of: Vastive

This is ‘LEGENDS’

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