IRONHIDE’s “KAIJU” Is Bringing That Mega Monster Tearout Bass [Track Write-Up]

Kelowna, Canada‘s Rising Bass Music Producer IRONHIDE Brings The Monstrous Sounds Of Dubstep & Tearout w/ NEW Self-Released Single “KAIJU

Fresh Off His Recent “Machine 2.0” EP, IRONHIDE‘s ‘KAIJU‘ Is Set To Tear Down Cities, Festivals, & Break Rails | OUT NOW

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Hailing from Kelowna, Canada the town that breeds the biggest and heaviest EDM producers to date, IRONHIDE is back again with yet another destructive heater of a track. This time however, he isn’t obliterating us with Transformers-inspired tunes, but instead, he is bringing out the monstrous bass in this new heater “Kaiju”, judging by the cover art alone, Godzilla is a huge inspiration behind this banger. 

The track instantly starts with a sinister impact of faint sounds that almost resemble sirens blaring in the background.  This soundscape is quickly accompanied by news broadcasts speaking of an unknown monster and its path of destruction. These broadcasts bring the eerie atmosphere into the build that sends you straight into one of the sickest pre-drop samples I’ve heard in a long time (I won’t spoil it for you here) 

The drop completely decimates your speakers when it smashes in, using a completely unique sound design and tonality with the main bass sound,  showing IRONHIDE is not just a one-trick pony and will constantly push the boundaries of his craft. Along with the upgrade in sound design, he also tosses in some more intricate drum patterns that you don’t typically hear in the scene lately.

Now, of course, it wouldn’t be an IRONHIDE masterpiece without machine gun basses, right? Well, those too have seemed to have gotten an upgrade because when those sections come in, it’s complete and utter chaos. Well-executed and massive payoff. 

The tune doesn’t waste any time or momentum and instead uses the one-and-only break to build tension through that stellar sound design I mentioned before. We quickly are launched into the chaos known as the second drop, and it again completely smashes. The killer patterns with the smashing snare create an absolute banger that I think might just be my personal favorite of his to date.

KAIJU drops on all platforms on June 29th and I recommend everyone snags this track to add to your live sets and playlists. It showcases (what I consider to be) IRONHIDE at his personal best currently, and we look forward to seeing what he brings to us next!


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