Ravenscoon – ‘Revolve’ EP | WAKAAN Debut Release [EP Write-Up + Artist Spotlight]

Ravenscoon – WAKAAN’S Newest Artist Debut

Written by: Sarahi Pelayo

[San Francisco-based producer] Ravenscoon is making his debut on no other than WAKAAN’s record label. Originally from Atlanta, GA he has made his way to San Francisco, home of some well known artists known for experimental bass such as G Jones, Wollymammoth, and soon to be himself. He has played a fair share of headlining shows that have sold-out to supporting shows that have outlined major bass artists. 

His real name is Paul Conversano and if you take a closer look at his last name you can see that ‘Ravenscoon’ is an anagram of it. Diving deeper into Ravenscoon’s music you can see that he expands his creativity to any genre from, dubstep, trap, trance, drum & bass, and so many others. 

The Revolve EP is releasing on the WAKAAN label Friday July 16th and will have four songs, three solo songs with one in collaboration with artist Viskus. The whole EP shows his progression on how far he’s come showcasing his bass packed music.

The EP itself has all the elements meant for a great time, if you’re looking to add some new music to your playlist then make sure to head over to the streaming platforms to add it. 

Each song has its own unique build up that leads to an explosive bass packed drop with it’s own key elements that keep the body moving and in my opinion melts the brain. With ‘Blessings’ being the song I have kept on replay when first listening to this amazing EP. The music speaks for itself giving a nostalgic feeling at being a rave again with all your close friends. The flow of the songs compliment the EP to one another with each one becoming more bass inclined and being rounded off with a more melodic tone but the bass still showing up for itself. 

This is what Ravenscoon has to say about his collaboration with Viskus:

“My collaboration with Viskus rounds off the EP with a more melodic tone, which Ravenscoon has been popularized for. We joked that this is our ‘confetti blast song,’ and it is a feel-good way to round out some of the heavier work on this EP. Viskus and I have been working together for years, and this marks over five songs we’ve created together.”

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