AstroLizard – ‘Bizzare Universe’ | WAKAAN Records Release [LP Write-Up] 10-Track Long Playing Debut

The Reptilian Invasion Hits Terra Firma With AstroLizard’s Debut ‘Bizzare Universe’ LP On WAKAAN

Written by: Garth Jones

The title says it all. An astronomical reptile has made contact with planet Earth with little to no intention of a civil meeting. This auditory assault is in the form of a ten-track long play by the name of AstroLizard. A reptilian invasion has commenced over the past half year beginning on February 11th with the debut remix release of Liquid Stranger‘s smash record ‘Psychonaut‘ on WAKAAN.
Subsequent to the riveting remix, we received another trio of releases with Space Cowboy‘, Big Wub Energy, and lastly of the three; The Mutationarriving about a month later.

Fast forward the clocks, towards the end of June, this space-travelling lizard has returned to our oxygen riddled skies to again show us what extraterrestrial beings are known for with Need You’, a stellar addition to the ten-track LP on WAKAAN.
With a majority of these otherworldly tracks, remixes, and releases all in place for the masses to revel upon, the final pieces to the LP are in orbit to fit ever-so-perfectly in place. Familial WAKAAN members are included in the mutative journey with AstroLizard with their collaborative works on Pieces‘ with Leah Culver and PIERCE’s joining of ‘On The Inside’.

From the wonk to the wonderous appeal, this Bizzare Universe LP has on a grand scale to adhere to bass music aficionados, there is undeniably something for everyone. Dark wubs, melodic vocals, head-scratching soundscapes, and planetary productions, this LP covers ground and quickly.

We imagine AstroLizard will continue his ravenousness at an alarming rate to envelope the minds of his audiences and listeners. The sheer creativity and incredible mind-f**kery at work here is what will take this reptile to the mainstage and beyond for some time to come. Bizzare Universe via WAKAAN is just the beginning for his terra firma takeover.

[Stream ‘Bizzare Universe’ HERE]

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