Doc Glock’s NEW “Club Mentality” Gives Headbangers Their Daily Dose of Dubstep via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

Orlando’s Dubstep Doctor Doc Glock Gives Listeners Their Auditory Check-Up w/ “Club Mentality” – Resulting In Broken Necks, Symptoms of Headbanging & High Dollar Hospital Bills

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

art: Fatal Media

Florida is home to some of today’s most well-known and reputable events and festivals in the world. Miami‘s Ultra Music Festival, Orlando’s Forbidden Kingdom, the forthcoming cruiseliner festival EDSea, and literally so many more.

The Sunshine State has undeniably become synonymous with electronic dance music, producers, DJs, and nightclubs/nightlife.

One rising producer, DJ, and “doctor” from Orlando, FL who has been popping up on our radar and making a thunderous name for himself is Doc Glock with his neck-breaking collection of original tunes, remixes, and surgically original sound design.

His newest release on High Caliber Records titled “Club Mentality” is here, bumping on our loudspeakers, and we are LOVING it. Since when has visiting the doctor felt so good?

pictured: Doc Glock | TK Lounge, Tampa, FL

Club Mentality” showcases a nearly minute-long intro laced with chopped and looping pre-drop vocals “I’m getting hyped” before all hell breaks loose with the initial drop. From that point forward, the energy is underpinned by brutal basslines, fancy drum work, and a comedic “We need a doctor” sample that really sets the intensity in.

There is so much to love and revel in with Doc Glock‘s new release. Every second within the 2:55 duration is utilized for optimal potency and neck-breaking goodness.

pictured: Doc Glock

He is no stranger to delivering this level of brutality in his releases. Prime and proper examples include his【 list of HCR releases 】including recent 2023 collab with ZHAOS titled “Let’s Stay Here“, last year’s single “Shooters” and his rowdy remix of “SHiFT SH!FT” by Speed Shift & Mikesh!ft. All of which are loud and lively on the High Caliber Records mainframe.

This doctor doesn’t disappoint. Now, take your medicine!

According to the doctor’s orders, give them a follow + like on social media and music streaming platforms to stay up to date with new music, event announcements, and all things Doc Glock & High Caliber Records.

Give “Club Mentality” a listen, repost, share, and place it on your premium playlist(s) – repeating the process daily until symptoms fade.

pictured: Doc Glock

Club Mentality | OUT NOW

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