CRiiOZ & DSTRTN Go Berserk w/ NEW “Chaotic Reality” EP via MAXD OUT Records [EP Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Michigan’s CRiiOZ & Halifax’s DSTRTN Collab On 3 NEW Heavy Dubstep/Tearout Tracks For Their “Chaotic Reality” EP on MAXD OUT Records

We Chat w/ Both Rising Producers About The Tunes “Diamonds”, “Chaos”, and “Agony”, Crowd Reactions, Their Plans For 2023, + More

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

North American bass music producers CRiiOZ and DSTRTN just released their collaborative three-track EP effort titled “Chaotic Reality” via MAXD OUT Records.

Their extended play (EP) is packed with larger-than-life drops, hair-raising build-ups, skillful sample usage, and textured contrast between each track that you can feel. Truly, a knockout trio of productions from each rising artist.

The three tracks, “Diamonds”, Chaos, and “Agony” marks CRiiOZ and DSTRTN as their sophomore release together at the heels of “Go Mad” via Dirtysnatcha‘s label Dirtysnatcha Records.

This new triumvirate of tracks is an underpinning release and move-making moment for the stardom-bound music producers. The three pieces of work showcase their true prowess, skill, and spotlights their capabilities as producers in a collaborative setting to develop consonant soundscapes that will break necks and turn heads.

Together, the three tracks collide so well as one moving extended play. The first track of the trio is “Diamonds” and it doesn’t hold back. You can look forward to the upbeat, suspenseful, and headbanging nature of the track.

Then, second up on the lineup is “Chaos”, an future urban-inspired, brimming with melodious hooks, unique sound design, cartoon-esque vibes at points, and pulls the listener into a playful daze without notice.

Lastly, finalizing the EP is “Agony”, a more visceral and shadowed body of work. Fans of the fast beats, tearout-forward, and darker styles of bass music, please head to the front of the line! It’s about to get rowdy, it’s a pit-opener!

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Let’s Chat w/

Q1: Welcome to our torrential downpour! What can you tell us about the Chaotic Reality EP and what can listeners expect from the three collabs?

CRiiOZ: This EP will bring you from head banging to fist throwing as we unleashed our Chaotic Reality to you. We wanted something smooth but heavy enough to create mosh pit energy.

pic: CRiiOZ

DSTRTN: It’s hard to believe that the only collaboration CRiiOZ and I have released is Go Mad. We’ve been working on so many different projects that it feels like we’ve released tons but we haven’t. These 3 collabs are 3 tracks that we’ve made that we feel are our best.


Q2: Diamonds, Chaos, and Agony are all surefire knockout collabs! Which track presented itself with the most challenges and how did you overcome them as a collaborative effort?

CRiiOZ: Agony by far. We were actually on the last try to make it work before we moved on. We went on a limb and dropped the BPM and created our favorite ID.

pic: CRiiOZ

DSTRTN: Agony was definitely the biggest challenge for both of us. If ya’ll had heard what the track sounded like in the beginning, you’d be shocked. We almost actually gave up on this track and then it ended up being our personal favorite.


Q3: What was the motivation, creativity, or inspiration behind the EP or even each track?

CRiiOZ: After creating “Go Mad” we found we clicked when working together in the studio. After putting together “Chaos” we quickly started 2 more ideas and decided to put together an EP. This is both of our debut EP.

pic: CRiiOZ

DSTRTN: CRiiOZ and I were just pumping out collabs left and right, and we figured that it would be proper to just drop an EP on everyone’s head outta nowhere. These songs are too good to drop separately over time, so now this exists.

Q4: Have you played these three live? What was the crowd’s reaction?

CRiiOZ: Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to play out all 3 multiple times. Each crowd reaction was unique in its own way. “Diamonds” brings out a great vibe with the whole crowd moving. “Chaos” is a bass head pleaser who everyone’s loved. “Agony” brings out a different side of people when you hear the intro you can’t help but open the pit.

pic: CRiiOZ

DSTRTN: “Agony” starts mosh pits without us saying anything, “Diamonds‘” “Sike” drop makes the crowd go absolutely nuts, and “Chaos” throws a curveball at the crowd with unique flow and sound design.

Q5: What’s next for each of you in 2023?

CRiiOZ: Next up is a Columbus stop with BLAIZE. Then, Delirium Music Festival in Canada. Tons to come this year and lots of new music with it.

DSTRTN: I want to continue to grow this project as much as I possibly can. This EP is a massive milestone I think for the both of us, and it came out better than I would’ve ever imagined.


Chaotic Reality EP
MAXD OUT Records

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