In The Storm: Interview w/ Lowke | Grand Rapids’ Bass Music Producer Making Real Power Moves [Artist Interview]

We Catch Up w/ Grand Rapids’ Quickest & Trickiest Rising Bass Music Artist Known As Lowke To Talk About New Music, Playing Shows Nationwide, & What’s Up His Sleeve For Fans

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[Let’s Chat with Lowke]

Q1: Welcome back to our storm, Lowke! We are thrilled to have the chance to chat and opportunity to catch up. For anyone who might not know, can you briefly tell us a little about yourself and what kind of music you make?

Lowke: My name is Tyler Knighton, I’m 31 and I go by the name Lowke. I’m a dubstep & future bass producer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and I’m a huge taco enthusiast!

I originally got into electronic music when I was around 18. It was when Korn released their Path Of Totality album. I was producing music around then but I wasn’t as serious about it. I started to get serious about production and making music my full-time career when I saw Illenium at a Life In Color event. At that show, I saw everyone happy and having fun on a level I’ve never seen and I knew I wanted to make people happy with my music just like that!

Q2: You are a touring artist and you have plenty of new music to showcase on the road. Recently, you’ve been to Denver, Detroit, and Grand Rapids. How does it feel to be home or would you rather be on the road?

Lowke: Ya, the past two months have been crazy for me! Going from Indiana to Denver, to Detroit, (and soon to be playing Gridlife in South Haven, Michigan) has been an absolute blast! It feels good to be home and hanging out with the dog. I’ve been taking some time to decompress and work on some music for my upcoming shows. I honestly enjoy a good balance of both home and road.

I generally don’t do much when I’m home besides making music, playing video games, and watching some anime. It’s always a rare occasion when I go out.

pic by: Derek Slater

Q3: Your new music is better than ever! “Vaporize”, “Hands Up”, and “Who Else is all on repeat here in the storm! What has been the crowd’s reaction to all this new music out now and all the new IDs?

Lowke: They have been loving my new tracks! The comments and reactions have been so great seeing people enjoy my latest releases. I’ve been showcasing a lot more IDs lately and have been getting a lot of good reactions too. Especially my latest track I made called “Seat Belt”.

The funny thing about that is when RØNAN and I went to Denver we challenged ourselves to each write a track on the plane and in the hotel. It is becoming one of my favorites! I got plenty more to show this summer too, including some new metal-infused dubstep tracks!

pic by: Ben Howell

Q4: What’s been a highlight moment for you lately

Lowke: I say the biggest highlight would be when I went to Paradise Blue. When I was hanging out in the pool for Excision’s Detox Set he played out my unreleased track Missed Call. I lost it in the pool (he laughs).

I’m still riding off the high from that moment honestly. Excision is the reason why I got into dubstep when I turned 18 and heard his music on Korn’s Path Of Totality album.

Ever since then, he’s been such a huge inspiration. So, to have him play my track is a dream come true!

Q5: From sun up to sundown, walk us through a day-in-the-life with Lowke!

Lowke: I generally wake up at 7am because during the week Monday through Friday, I work 8am-5pm as a cook/kitchen supervisor.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been going to other restaurants prepping giant banquets which has been a lot of fun. After work, I go work out for about 45 min to an hour doing the Spartacus work out which kicks my ass. When I get home I usually have some dinner which consists of chicken or pork plus having some vegetables to go with it. After dinner which usually winds up being around 7-8pm I then work on music for a few hours.

If I don’t get sucked into my tracks I sometimes end my night playing some video games with friends or by myself to decompress before bed. That’s my normal weekday, on weekends I usually just relax, make some music, clean my room, play some video games and take the dog on a walk.

For show days It usually consists of me scrambling to get ready and has me double-checking everything. It can be quite chaotic (he laughs).

Q6: What has been your favorite part about meeting fans on the road?

Lowke: Probably hearing about their experiences with my music. Hearing them tell me about the first time they have heard one of my tracks, or how some of them have helped them. It makes me feel like I’m on cloud nine.

Even though this show wasn’t on the road when I was direct support for Kaivon, I had these two girls come up to me after my set and tell me how they were sad I didn’t play my song Losing You. I was happy and speechless because at the time I was unaware of how much people enjoyed my songs. To have someone be sad I didn’t play it, both made me happy and sad at the same time, because I knew it meant that much to them.

Q7: When can we anticipate new music or mixes?

Lowke: I’m going to be announcing my next track “Drop It” next week on May 24th! It is going to be coming out the following week on May 30th!

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artwork: Scott Robinson

For the people who liked “Vaporize”, they are going to love this one!

I also will be releasing one of my deepest tracks called “Reboot” on June 26th. That song is one of my top 3 favorite tracks I made this year at the moment! It’s so low-end heavy that it is gonna rattle people’s houses and venues!

Q8: Where are your next events you’ll be performing at?

Lowke: I have four shows coming up! Three have already been announced!

On June 2-3, I’ll be playing Gridlife where Sullivan King, Subtronics, Wooli, & Boogie T are headlining. I’ll be playing the silent disco for that one on Saturday.

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pic by: Ben Howell

July’s show hasn’t been announced yet but I get to be direct support for an artist whos been a huge inspiration for me!

In August, I’ll be playing Breakaway Music Festival in Grand Rapids at the silent disco stage.

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Then for September, I’ll be doing a B2B with RØNAN as direct support for their headliners Sully, KJ Sawka, & one more artist which should be announced soon!

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Q9: Any artist, any genre, and medium; who do you want to collaborate with?

Lowke: Right now, I would honestly love to collaborate with the artist VLCN. I honestly love the style and vibe he’s been going with. The way he blends future bass and dubstep elements reminds me of what I enjoy doing with my music. I feel as if he and I could make a crazy heavy or a real vibe of a track!

I also would love to collaborate with the singer Micah Martin. His vocals are so powerful to have him on a track I feel could take my music to the next level for sure!


Q10: Give the people who have helped you get to where you are today a loving and loud shoutout! 

Lowke: I want to shout out to Mike Ronan, Dara Sirrine, Brad Osbin, Nicole Vanloon, Chad Verway, Chad Attak, Brian Lachman, & my mom Suzanne Knighton. Mike is honestly my best friend and I for sure wouldn’t be where I am without him. Dara who runs my social media is a godsend. Having her help me with both Lowke & Saw.Wav is amazing because without her help I would be busy scrambling and making posts all the time! Brad and I got into DJing together in 2016. We mixed in his basement for hours for all the homies! Nicole has been with me since we went to school together. Having her do my photos has helped bring my brand to the next level. Without her doing photos and my videos I wouldn’t be able to showcase some of my favorite moments. Chad Veryway because without him I would have never played my first venue show opening up for Ray Volpe. Without Chad Attak and Brian Lachman, I wouldn’t be where I am. They have booked me for so many incredible shows that allowed me to meet some amazing people and get to where I am now! Lastly, my mom, without her love and support I don’t think id still be continuing this crazy journey. She’s always believed in me and has rooted my happiness no matter what I do.

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