VLCN Revs All Pistons w/ GEEKED (Ft. BLUPILL) Sending Pulsating Energy To The Masses [Track Write-Up]

VLCN Pulsates Complete Destruction w/ “GEEKED ft. BLUPILL – A Single Having You Shout Expletives & Breaking Necks!

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

VLCN has undeniably caught the attention of the masses once again with his new dubstep banger “GEEKED” featuring the hyped-up vocal work of BLUPILL. A seriously addictive and wild new single that pulsates with energy, rambunctious amounts of bass, and leaving a permanent impression on listeners.

VLCN and BLUPILL wastes no time at all getting right to the point of the hair-raising energy to the track. The explosive and turbulent vocals combined with the rage-worthy basslines of the first half of the track really set the pace of the release.

pictured: VLCN | by: @ryvnsam

By the second half of the track, you have easily seen firsthand the powerhouse delivery of intensity and the in-your-face feral beatdown of their cohesive collaborative effort on the track. They both complement each other’s prowess in their artistic mediums resulting in a menacing byproduct.

GEEKED really exemplifies that these two are not fucking around in 2023. They illustrate this quite well and we fucking love it. By far, one of our favorite releases of the year thus far and we are just barely scratching the surface of the new year.

Team writer, Brandon Rafferty adds in – “It’s a killer tune that really dives in on creating hyped lyrics accompanied by sinister drops with a gangster flow. Guaranteed to obliterate live audiences“

Brandon is right. This track was rinsed by Excision during Lost Lands 2022 and Paradise Blue in Mexico as well. Both crowds went batshit and naturally so.

pictured: VLCN | by: @ryvnsam

After seeing this track played out all over the country I’m stoked for you all to be able to have this one. Or should I say I am GEEKED.”
VLCN mentions


What are some tips you can lay down on us and artists out there?

VLCN – “Focus on your own journey and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It’s You vs You”

BLUPILL – “Build your brand. Your brand is just as important as the music you make. Be real and honest with people and stay focused on what makes you happy”

They share with us on how Geeked came to be:

“After working together on our Fight collab, I immediately knew I wanted to work with BLUPILL again. This time I wanted to go heavier and I think we accomplished that”

VLCN and I first kicked things off with our collaboration ‘Fight.’ With that already being a heavy-hitter, I knew we could make something even crazier round two. GEEKED is about saying ‘F U’ to the people and energy that bring you down. Music is my escape, so I do my best to provide that to the listener with intense vocals.”

pictured: BLUPILL

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