Future Twist & PERSES Put Their Spin on Skrillex’s Mumbai Power (feat. Beam) [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Rising Electronic Artists Future Twist & PERSES Team Up To Give Skrillex‘s Mega Hit Mumbai Power A New Sound Via Their Captivating Flip

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Kris of Future Twist and Ben of PERSES just released their highly-anticipated remix of dance music icon Skrillex‘s original hit “Mumbai Power (feat. Beam)“.

We have been awaiting this remix via their snippets and teasers posted to their social media accounts over the past few weeks and the excitement is real now that it has been released exclusively to SoundCloud.

The flip (or unofficial remix) is a multi-genre production that showcases future bass, hardstyle, and a dash of drum and bass. They seamlessly tie it all together in a mesmerizing and cohesive fashion. Collectively, the results being a sheer knockout and digital beatdown of upbeat energy and bass music variants.

left: Future Twist | right: PERSES

By honoring the original’s core elements, they take their prowess and neoteric vision to the next level by flipping it on its head. The mixture of the aforementioned genres give it diversity and a creative direction that is contemporary and relevant.

Future Twist and PERSES claim they took too long on the flip but we feel it’s right on time (Skrillex fans – no pun intended).

With the resurgence of Skrillex being on everyone’s radar as of late, this track choice is unexpected but excatly what the masses didn’t know they needed. Kris and Ben have lots to say on the matter so lets get their insight and inside scoop with some burning questions and rip back the veil on this new release flip.

Let’s Chat With These Two About Their New Flip

Question 1: What made you guys want to remix Skrillex’s Mumbai Power? 

Kris: I remember I was living in Seattle in 2019 when this track came out and just thinking to myself “Man, Skrillex is so good. Nobody can make music like him.” And since that moment I wanted to put my spin on it, and only now did I feel like it was time now with the help of PERSES himself.

Ben: When his “Show Tracks” mini EP dropped, I remember thinking just before that he hadn’t dropped tunes that were him being the title artist in a while. I was so excited to hear new stuff from him, while both tracks are absolutely insane, Mumbai Power just hit differently in my opinion. I’ve remixed quite a few Skrillex songs in my day but I’ve always let the releases breathe a little before wanting to put my spin on it. Future Twist reached out and we built a masterpiece!

Question 2: This remix is wildly captivating with the facelift you gave it. What inspired you both to take this creative direction?

Ben: I’ve been very inspired by IMANU’s drum and bass production using vocal chops as a focal point in drops so a lot of that was injected into the first drop of the track!

Kris: Especially for the second drop, I wanted us to take a lot of inspiration from T+Pazolite. His hardstyle stuff is absolutely insane and screams with quality.

Question 3: You guys also decided to completely rewrite the intro, bridge and outro. What led you to this decision of reconstruction?

Kris: It’s actually hilarious that you mention that. The original version of our remix just had the original track in those spots, and we had no problem UNTIL our mix/master engineer, Aeded sent us the final master. Then suddenly SoundCloud’s content ID had an issue and kept taking the track down. I guess Jeremy just mixes at a Skrillex-quality level (haha). But so yeah our solution to that problem was to rewrite the parts that were directly from the original.

Question 4: Let’s talk about this cover art! Walk us through the fruition and who is the creator and why this style?

Kris: We got this artwork from the incredible Banddaniel, we had a few ideas we tossed around first but ultimately landed on this really cool hand-drawn illustration with a limited color palette and so so so much detail. Daniel is incredible.

Ben: Kris and Daniel really pushed the art to the highest quality possible and they absolutely smashed it! Hats off to them!

Question 5: It’s come to my attention the visual teaser was made by you, Kris?

Kris: Yeah, I started using Blender a little less than a year ago and while we were working on this remix, I just randomly had that idea pop in my head and spent an entire day working on it. I put that full teaser together in less than 24 hours. I work best on bursts of inspiration like that. It was cool to deck out our McLarens with a bunch of Easter eggs relating to each of our brands.

Question 6: What can we expect next from Future Twist and PERSES?

Kris: This year, I’ve got an EP releasing with Simplify Records, and tons and tons of artistic teasers and projects to follow. I’m also planning on taking my project out of the US, to pursue a huge opportunity to move to Germany for the majority of this year.

Ben: I have quite a few singles coming out this year, along with an EP and quite a few different projects on the horizon. Very excited to share more details on everything soon!

Question 7: This is your first collab together, can we expect more from you down the road?

Kris: We do have something else we’ve been sitting on for quite a while, maybe 2023 is the year we finally find a home for it.

Ben: We do have something else in the vault, and hoping to find the perfect place for it this year! You may or may not be seeing more from us soon.

Question 8: Thanks for chatting! Who is killing it in your radar and who do you think is set to explode in 2023?

Ben: Great talking with you as well! Some of the people I think are ready to pop are 8Ö8, Shöckface, SUMMONS, Aeded, Sad Meal, DEADFUTURE, and of course, Future Twist just to name a few.

Kris: Totally, I also wanna shout out Poixone, Aeded, Sad Meal, BBX, David Vance, EMANON, Rage-Bot, and Enkei, all of them are moving with POWER in their own lanes, and I’m stoked for their 2023.

(Future Twist & PERSES Flip)


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