Realm Walker Forges Darkness & Light w/ “Final Hope” – The Second Chapter To His Storytelling Musicality [Track Write-Up]

Wisconsin-based Rising Producer Realm Walker Adds His Second 2nd Installation To His Illuminating Music Project w/ “Final Hope” – A Riveting Future House/Big Room Fusion Piece

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Returning to our stormy skies is Realm Walker with a wildly refreshing and well-balanced new release titled “Final Hope“.

His new track is a fun-filled fusion of future house and big room that garners kinetic storytelling, upbeat builds, and tantalizing synths that allow the listener to revel into the mind of Realm Walker.

The introduction mesmerizes the listener with clasping piano notes that gives “Final Hope” a more orchestral feel before the energy is ascended via the futuristic alterations, popping hits, and punches of the house beat.

In the 2:49 duration, a sense of vibrancy is at play with the refreshing development of joyous and gleeful chords that pluck the heartstrings of the listener. Aesthetically, you get the sense of a brighter future with the arrangement of drawing soundscapes and emotive production.

For being his second release under the Realm Walker identity project, his music is veering in an increasingly more expressive, creatively directed, and becoming an auditory spectacle in his space. 10/10 in our book.

Realm Walker shares with us:
“I began the creation of this song during a difficult period as just an expression of the chaos I felt in my mind, with no expectations of releasing it. The song later went through some reiterations to add a brighter feel to it without removing the original emotions put into making the song. The final result was a euphoric sounding song that upon closer inspection carries the darker emotions in the chords and background elements.”

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